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Your Guide to Genetics & Nutrition

Listed below are the top genes that can be influenced by lifestyle and nutrition.

GeneNormal FunctionSNP IDMajor AlleleMinor Allele
CBS CBS is an enzyme which converts homocysteine into cystathionine, the first step of the transsulfuration pathway.C1080T / A360A c t
C1039+530T c t
C699T g a
G1330A g a
T833C t c
CELSR2 CELSR2 is a protein important in cell to cell communication.C109275908T t c
CETP CETP is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of lipoproteins.A1376G a g
COMT COMT is an enzyme which inactivates important neurotransmitters such as dopamine and epinephrine.G472A, Val158Met g a
C186T c t
CPS1 CPS1 is a mitochondrial enzyme involved in the metabolism of proteins and ammonia.C4235A, T1405N c a
CTH CTH is an enzyme which converts cystathionine into cysteine, the second step of the transsulfuration pathway.G1208T g t
CYP24A1 CYP24A1 is an enzyme which converts the active form of vitamin D3 into an inactive form.C552T g a
T1236+198C a g
G-1400A c t
CYP2R1 CYP2R1 is an enzyme expressed in the liver that converts dietary vitamin D into a form which can be transported around the body.T-1127C g a
A226-2810C t g
T-1559C g a
DHCR7 The DHCR7 gene encodes the enzyme 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase, which is essential for the production of cholesterol.IVS8-1G>C c g
278C>T g a
452G>A c t
DOCK7 DOCK7 is a protein which is important in the formation and maintenance of neurons.T40844G t g
DRD2 DRD2 is the major dopamine receptor in the brain.C957T c t
F8 F8 is an essential blood clotting protein.A5219+7398G g a
FADS1 FADS1 is an enzyme which desaturates fatty acids by introducing double bonds, an important step in the metabolism of polyunsaturated fats.T61803311C t c
FGFR2 FGFR2 is a receptor protein which binds fibroblast growth factor, which typically promotes cell division and differentiation.rs1219515 g a
FTO FTO is an enzyme which has been linked with an increased risk of obesity.G76373A g a
G67694A g a
T77812C t c
G67880A g a
C83401A c a
T87653A t a
FUT2 FUT2 is a protein which plays an important role in the creation in A or B antigens in A/B/O antigen types.G12447A g a
G6PD G6PD is an enzyme which produces NADPH, key in the biosysnthesis of many molecules and in oxidative defense.A466G a g
G292A g a
GAD1 GAD1 is an enzyme which catalyzes the formation of the important neurotransmitter GABA.G638+315C g c
C170814316A c a
GC GC is a protein which binds to vitamin D allowing for its efficient transport around the body.A26-796C t c
GCKR GCKR is a protein produced in the liver which regulates glucose metabolism.
26532T>C c a
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