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Recent work has shown that this protein uses energy (ATP) to extract and remove mitochondrial proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum. 1 SNPs in the vicinity of this gene, including those known to affect its expression, are associated with triglyceride levels. 2 However, the function of ATP13A1 in fatty acid metabolism is unknown.


Science Grade
Heart Health
rsID Number Major Allele Minor Allele Minor Allele Frequency (%)
rs141844019 c t 1

Risk Description

The Gene x Environment genome-wide association study (GxE GWAS) for lipid levels with and without fish oil supplementation that detected this interaction effect 3 was high-powered and used a replication cohort, followed by a joint meta-analysis of both cohorts. Therefore, these results deserve our attention. However, it must be noted that interpreting GxE interaction effects such as this one can be tricky and the true phenomena behind them may sometimes be counterintuitive. 4 In addition, the mechanism through which this variant may affect triglyceride levels remains unknown. Therefore, acting on this association requires some caution.

Indirect Nutrients:*

Ingredient Active Ingredient Effect
Fish Oil Omega-3

Fish oil may help reduce triglyceride levels in the carriers of the major T allele of rs141844019 (TT or TC genotypes).

Discuss this information with your doctor before taking any course of action.

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