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20 Unique Diet Types, Where Will You Fit?

Gene Food uses a proprietary nutrition algorithm which classifies customers into one of twenty diet types based on over 120 vetted genetic factors. Gene Food can score existing genetic data from providers like 23andme and Ancestry, or test customers for the first time using our DNA test kits. Our lab in San Diego is CLIA certified and fully HIPAA compliant for maximum data security.

California Keto

Farmer’s markets and fat.

Urban Grazer

Everything but dairy.


Channel your inner Bourdain.

Paleo Plus

Chris Kresser podcast.

Modified Paleo

No grains, but a little feta never hurt anyone.


Valter Longo would be proud.


Shoutout to Dr. Mark.


Your bread and butter is no bread and butter.


Lots of plants, lil’ bit of everything else.


Eat food, not too much, know your LDL-P.


Olive oil for everything, except sunscreen.

Hunter Gatherer

Don’t even look at pancakes.


Rice and beans, minus the rice.

California Coastal

Healthier low carb.


Rich Roll podcast.


Can I put natto on my purple potatoes?


Watch What the Health, then watch it again.

Lean Machine

Butter in your coffee is a bad idea.


Your Yoda is in Austin, visit him you must.

West Angeleno

Eat like you live west of Lincoln.

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