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Upload Ancestry or 23andme Raw Data for a Personalized Diet Plan

A new system of eating has arrived and it’s powered by your DNA. Use 23andme or Ancestry raw data to unlock your Gene Food diet type plus Keto Score.

How it Works

1. Upload

Upload your raw genetic data file from 23andme, Ancestry or another provider with a raw .txt file.

2. Analyze

We analyze genes for fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism plus MTHFR, histamine, sulfur, ApoE4, supplements, lactose and wheat tolerance, sleep and more.

3. Discover

Receive your custom diet type and nutrition plan tailored to your genetics.

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What’s Included in the Results

All Gene Food diet plans come with:

Your Unique Diet Type
  • Learn the ideal ratio of fat, carbs and protein 
  • LDL scoring and cholesterol absorption 
  • Micronutrients and Supplements 
  • Histamine, Dairy, Wheat, and much more  
Your Ketogenic Diet Score
  • Can you achieve nutritional ketosis? 
  • Saturated fat response 
  • Is plant based keto an option? 
  • Keto tools and tests
Your Sleep Chronotype
  • Learn your ideal bedtime
  • Best time of day for productivity
  • Sleep genetics
  • Caffeine metabolism

Gene Food vs. The Competition

Gene Food is the best personalized nutrition algorithm on the marketplace today.
Learn how we stack up against the competition

Gene Food DNA fit Geno palate

Unique Diet Type

Your comprehensive diet type

Eggs report

Analysis of cholesterol absorption genes

5 simple food rules

Learn 5 actionable food and lifestyle rules to pin to your fridge

LDL Risk

Explore genetic predispositions to elevated LDL that can be influenced by diet

Histamine score

Analysis of the histamine genes and histamine intolerance risk

Inclusive research process

Focused on clinical research with representative minority participation

Keto Score

Genetic analysis to determine whether a ketogenic diet will work for you

Meal Plans

2 week meal plan to help get started with your DNA diet


B vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium, iron and more

Methylation score

Comprehensive analysis of methylation genes

Sleep chronotype

Learn your best times for work and sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my genetic data secure?
Do you sell my genetic data or share with third parties?
What is your refund policy?

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