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Your Guide to Genetics & Nutrition

Listed below are the top genes that can be influenced by lifestyle and nutrition.

GeneNormal FunctionSNP IDMajor AlleleMinor Allele
ABCA1 ABCA1 acts as a cholesterol pump, removing cholesterol from the interior of the cell.G66+1594A g a
ABCG8 ABCG8 is a transporter protein, controlling the absorption and excretion of cholesterol and other lipids in the gut.T322+431C c t
G55C g c
ACE ACE is an enzyme which converts the inactive protein angiotensin I into the active angiotensin II, which is key in regulating blood pressure.G2328A a g
ACYP2 ACYP2 is an enzyme which controls the movement of ions across the cell membrane, specifically muscle cells.C186-55959A c a
ADA ADA is responsible for breaking down the sleep promoting adenosine, thus promoting wakefulness.G22A g a
ADCY5 ADCY5 is an enzyme which controls cell activity in response to glucose levels.
106615T>C a g
ADIPOQ AdipoQ is expressed solely in fat tissue and is important in controlling fat metabolism.T16627C t c
ADORA2A ADORA2A is a receptor for adenosine; adenosine binds and promotes the induction of sleep.T1083C c t
ADRA2A ADRA2A is a receptor which plays an important role in regulating neurotransmitter release.
111282335T>G g t
7790A>T a t
AHCY AHCY is an enzyme which breaks down adenosylhomocysteine into adenosine and L-homocysteine, which are required for several cellular processes.G274A, G123A g a
C112T, A38T c t
A274G, I92V a g
AKT1 AKT1 is an enzyme which is responsible for ensuring the survival of neurons.G1172+23A c t
ALDH2 Aldehyde dehydrogenase is the second enzyme in the alcohol metabolism pathway, responsible for clearing alcohol from the body.G1369A g a
AOC1 AOC1 is an enzyme that breaks down histamine and other related compounds.C47T c t
C995T c t
C1933G/T c g
G1437A c a
A1975C a c
APOA2 APOA2 is the second most abundant protein found in high-density lipoprotein particles.4736C>T a g
APOB APOB is the main apolipoprotein found in low density lipoproteins, important for carrying dietary lipids through the blood.C21063185T c t
APOE APOE is an apolipoprotein with a major role in transporting cholesterol in the brain.C526CT c t
T388C t c
ARG1 ARG1 is an enzyme which forms part of the urea cycle, clearing the body of harmful ammonia based products.T32C t c
ATP2B1 ATP2B1 is membrane protein which plays an important role in maintaining the cellular calcium balance.n/a a g
BCO1 BCO1 is an enzyme which breaks down beta-carotene into retinal, a form of vitamin A.A801T, R267S a t
C1136T, A379V c t
BHMT BHMT is an enzyme which converts homocysteine into methionine using betaine as a methyl donor.G716A g a
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