Your Guide to Genetics & Nutrition

Listed below are the top genes that can be influenced by lifestyle and nutrition.

GeneNormal FunctionSNP IDMajor AlleleMinor Allele
ABCA1 ABCA1 acts as a cholesterol pump, removing cholesterol from the interior of the cell.G66+1594A g a
ABCG8 ABCG8 is a transporter protein, controlling the absorption and excretion of cholesterol and other lipids in the gut.T322+431C c t
G55C g c
ACE ACE is an enzyme which converts the inactive protein angiotensin I into the active angiotensin II, which is key in regulating blood pressure.G2328A a g
ACYP2 ACYP2 is an enzyme which controls the movement of ions across the cell membrane, specifically muscle cells.C186-55959A c a
ADA ADA is responsible for breaking down the sleep promoting adenosine, thus promoting wakefulness.G22A g a
ADIPOQ AdipoQ is expressed solely in fat tissue and is important in controlling fat metabolism.T16627C t c
ADORA2A ADORA2A is a receptor for adenosine; adenosine binds and promotes the induction of sleep.T1083C c t
AKT1 AKT1 is an enzyme which is responsible for ensuring the survival of neurons.G1172+23A c t
AOC1 AOC1 is an enzyme that breaks down histamine and other related compounds.C47T c t
C995T c t
C1933G/T c g
G1437A c a
A1975C a c
APOE APOE is an apolipoprotein with a major role in transporting cholesterol in the brain.C526CT c t
T388C t c
ARG1 ARG1 is an enzyme which forms part of the urea cycle, clearing the body of harmful ammonia based products.T32C t c
ATP2B1 ATP2B1 is membrane protein which plays an important role in maintaining the cellular calcium balance.n/a a g
BHMT BHMT is an enzyme which converts homocysteine into methionine using betaine as a methyl donor.G716A g a
CBS CBS is an enzyme which converts homocysteine into cystathionine, the first step of the transsulfuration pathway.C1080T / A360A c t
C1039+530T c t
C699T g a
G1330A g a
T833C t c
COMT COMT is an enzyme which inactivates important neurotransmitters such as dopamine and epinephrine.G472A, Val158Met g a
C186T c t
CYP24A1 CYP24A1 is an enzyme which converts the active form of vitamin D3 into an inactive form.C552T g a
T1236+198C a g
G-1400A c t
CYP2R1 CYP2R1 is an enzyme expressed in the liver that converts dietary vitamin D into a form which can be transported around the body.T-1127C g a
A226-2810C t g
T-1559C g a
G6PD G6PD is an enzyme which produces NADPH, key in the biosysnthesis of many molecules and in oxidative defense.A466G a g
G292A g a
GAD1 GAD1 is an en enzyme which catalyses the formation of the important neurotransmitter GABA.G638+315C g c
C170814316A c a
GC GC is a protein which binds to vitamin D allowing for its efficient tranport around the body.A26-796C t c
GPX1 GPX1 is a peroxidase enzyme which plays a key antioxidant role.C599T c t
GPX4 GPX4 is a peroxidase enzyme which plays a key antioxidant role.T660C c t
GRIA3 GRIA3 is a glutamate receptor important in neuronal signalling.A17114C a c
G11395A g a
GSTP1 GSTP1 is an enzyme which assists the antioxidant glutathione remove harmful reactive oxygen species.A313G a g
HNMT HNMT breaks down the molecule histamine which is important in the immune response.C314T c t
IL6 IL-6 is a signalling molecule which transmits signals between cells, especially those of the immune system.C-237G, C-174G g c
IL8 IL-8 is a signalling molecule, used to transmit messages between cells and tissues in the body.A-352T a t
MAOA MAOA is an enzyme involved in the processing of neurotransmitters, it is sometimes called the "warrior" gene due to proposed links with aggression.T1410C c t
G1052+680C g c
G891T t g
C306+527T t c
MAOB MAOB is an enzyme involved in the processing of neurotransmitters, it's importance relative to MAOA is under debate.A1348-36G a g
MAT1A MAT1A is an enzyme responsible for the formation of SAM, a methyl donor molecule key in many other biological processes.G791A g a
MTHFD1 MTHFD1 is an enzyme is an enzyme involved in the conversion of dietary folate into a variety of key products.G1958A g a
MTHFR MTHFR is an involved in the conversion of dietary folate into a variety of key products.C667T c t
C117T c t
A1298C a c
MTNR1B MTNR1B is a receptor for melatonin, one of the key sleep hormones.C2120T c t
MTRR MTRR is an enzyme which helps maintain methionine synthase function, a key component of the methionine cycle.A66G a g
MUC1 Muc1 protein forms part of the protective mucus layer which lines our lungs and digestive system.C/G66A a g
NAF1 NAF1 is a key component of the telomerase enzyme.n/a g a
NOD2 NOD2 plays an important role in the immune system.C2104T c t
G30491C/T g c
NOS3 NOS3 is an enzyme responsible for synthesizing nitric oxide, which is important in many biological processes, especially cardiac function.G51-898A a g
T894G g t
A-52+1009T t a
NQO1 NQO1 is an enzyme with an antioxidant role.C559T c t
PEMT PEMT is an enzyme which genearates phosphatidylcholine, a key component of cell membranes.G523A g a
SHMT1 SHMT1 is an enzyme of the one carbon cycle, converting folate into a variety of other cellular products.C1420T c t
SLC19A1 SLC19A1 is a folate transporter.A80G g a
SOD2 SOD2 is an antioxidant enzyme found specifically in the mitochondria of cells.T47C, A16V c t
SOD3 SOD3 is an antioxidant enzyme which is secreted by cells in the brain, lungs and other tissues at high risk of oxidative damage.C691G c g
SULT1A1 SULT1A1 is an enzyme which targets hormones, neurotransmitters for degradation.G638A c t
TERT TERT forms part of the telomerase enzyme which is responsible for maintaining chromosome telomeres in selected cells.G1574-3777T g t
TRPM6 TRPM6 is a channel protein which traffics magnesium into cells in the kidney.A33+2944G a g
VDR VDR is the receptor for vitamin D, its main function is to regulate calcium uptake from the gut into the bloodstream.BsmI g a
FokI c t
TaqI t c
ApaI t g
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