Your Guide to Genetics & Nutrition

Listed below are the top genes that can be influenced by lifestyle and nutrition.

GeneNormal FunctionSNP IDMajor AlleleMinor Allele
NAF1 NAF1 is a key component of the telomerase enzyme.n/a g a
NOD2 NOD2 plays an important role in the immune system.C2104T c t
G30491C/T g c
NOS3 NOS3 is an enzyme responsible for synthesizing nitric oxide, which is important in many biological processes, especially cardiac function.G51-898A a g
T894G g t
A-52+1009T t a
NQO1 NQO1 is an enzyme with an antioxidant role.C559T c t
PEMT PEMT is an enzyme which generates phosphatidylcholine, a key component of cell membranes.G523A g a
SHMT1 SHMT1 is an enzyme of the one carbon cycle, converting folate into a variety of other cellular products.C1420T c t
SLC19A1 SLC19A1 is a folate transporter.A80G g a
SLC2A14 SLC2A14 is a transporter protein which shuttles glucose into cells.A8025266G a g
C8008132A c a
C8023530T c t
SOD2 SOD2 is an antioxidant enzyme found specifically in the mitochondria of cells.T47C, A16V c t
SOD3 SOD3 is an antioxidant enzyme which is secreted by cells in the brain, lungs and other tissues at high risk of oxidative damage.C691G c g
SULT1A1 SULT1A1 is an enzyme which targets hormones, neurotransmitters for degradation.G638A c t
TERT TERT forms part of the telomerase enzyme which is responsible for maintaining chromosome telomeres in selected cells.G1574-3777T g t
TRPM6 TRPM6 is a channel protein which traffics magnesium into cells in the kidney.A33+2944G a g
VDR VDR is the receptor for vitamin D, its main function is to regulate calcium uptake from the gut into the bloodstream.BsmI g a
FokI c t
TaqI t c
ApaI t g
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