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Personalized Nutrition Insights for your Clients

Use the Gene Food scoring algorithm to craft personalized diet plans for your clients and patients.

GeneFood Nutrition kit & app

Genefood for professionals

How it works

As a health professional, you can manage your client’s health reports and view all of their results. We provided a video to explain the process of signing up for GeneFood as a health professional and how to upload your client’s data to generate the health reports.

Genefood for professionals

Whats included in the results

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Heart Health

Gene Food uses advanced polygenic risk scoring to help users create personalized, heart healthy diets. We score for APOE status, Lp(a), ability to achieve ketosis, saturated fat metabolism, cholesterol absorption, and more.

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Blood Sugar

According to the PREDICT-1 Trial, 50% of the post-meal blood sugar response is attributable to genetics. Gain the tools you need to understand which patients will respond well to low carb diets and which can thrive with more dietary carbohydrate.

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Digestive & Sensitivity

We understand what it is like to be confused, tired and overwhelmed with mountains of competing nutrition advice. Get a baseline understanding of potential GI triggers, including dairy, histamine, and wheat.

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Methylation Score

Our methylation panel goes beyond MTHFR to identify patients at higher risk for under-methylation, elevated homocysteine, and folate deficiency.


Member Benefits

Gene Food operates with a simple, scientific first approach. We are constantly reviewing the latest peer reviewed scientific research to improve our algorithm.

Gene Food Pro

More genes, more nutrition, and health insights. Offered through our CLIA-certified labs, Gene Food test kits unlock a new system of eating, plus health reports powered by your DNA.

Our Case Study

Case Study

Learn how Gerald dropped his LDL-C by over 100 points in 2 months using Gene Food protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my genetic data secure?
Do you sell my genetic data or share with third parties?
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