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About Gene Food

Gene Food is the best personalized nutrition platform on the market today.

Leadership team

Gene Food is led by Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian, nationally recognized nutrition expert, and best selling author. After 15 years of experience at the Cleveland Clinic serving as lead dietitian, Kristin joined Gene Food as Chief Nutrition Officer bringing her years of experience in nutrigenomics to the Gene Food team.

The Gene Food team

The science of personalized nutrition

Gene Food was founded with a science first approach. For the first two years of the company’s existence, the Gene Food team conducted research on the science of personalized nutrition. Our head of research and lead geneticist, Dr. Aaron Gardner, assembled a team to review hundreds of peer reviewed studies on genetics and nutrition, ranking the genes with the most scientific validation, and assigning each a Science Grade. This research forms the backbone of our custom nutrition plan.

Our nutrition products

Using the research and scoring system created in the exploratory phase of the company, Dr. Gardner’s team built a proprietary nutrition algorithm which classifies customers into one of twenty diet types based on over 120 vetted genetic factors. Gene Food can score existing genetic data from providers like 23andme, or test customers for the first time using our DNA test kits. Our lab in San Diego is CLIA certified and fully HIPAA compliant for maximum data security.

Who we help

Since launching our product in 2018, we have helped thousands of customers personalize their nutrition. Why do some people experience large increases in LDL when eating saturated fat, while others see little or no increase? These are the questions Gene Food is on a mission to help answer.

The future

The American public is bombarded every day with ever changing, and often conflicting, nutrition advice. While we do not believe genetics are the only factor in evaluating dietary choices, we do see genetics as a foundational tool to help people find lasting diet solutions. Personalized nutrition is the future, and we look forward to being a part of that future for many years to come.

Core Values

  • Security

    Our website and software are fully HIPAA compliant and SSL encrypted, and our genetics laboratory in San Diego is CLIA certified. We never sell or share your genetic data with third parties.
  • Science

    Gene Food operates with a simple, scientific first approach. We are constantly reviewing the latest peer reviewed scientific research to improve our algorithm.
  • Empathy

    We understand what it is like to be confused, tired and overwhelmed with mountains of competing nutrition advice. We are here to offer practical, science based solutions for people who don’t know what to eat and don’t know where to turn for help.
  • Inclusion

    Committed to diversity and inclusion. Our research process highlights often overlooked studies focusing on underrepresented communities, and this research is factored into our Science Grade scoring system.

Our Team

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD

Chief Nutrition Officer

Kristin Kirkpatrick is a dietitian, member of the Dr. Oz Medical Advisory Board, and a bestselling author. She formerly served as the Nutrition Lead for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Cleveland, Ohio for 15 years and during that time used nutrigenomic interventions with hundreds of patients. Kristin joined Gene Food in 2021 as the company’s Chief Nutrition Officer where she is responsible for helping to develop the Gene Food nutrition platform into one of the best in the industry.

Dr. Aaron Gardner

Dr. Aaron Gardner

Lead Geneticist & Head of Research

Dr. Aaron Gardner holds a BSc in Genetics, a Masters of Research in Medical and Molecular Biosciences as well as a doctorate in immunology. He has worked in a variety of medical research laboratories including those at Durham University and Newcastle University in the UK and Columbia University in New York. His work has concentrated on understanding the genetic modulation of various fibrotic disorders. Through his clinical experience, Aaron became fascinated with the potential for targeted personalized medicine to stem the tide of disease. His work at Gene Food is an extension of that passion. At Gene Food, Aaron created the scoring system used for Custom Nutrition Plans as well as the Guide to Nutrigenomics.

Dr. Gina Leisching

Dr. Gina Leisching holds a BSc in Functional Human Biology, and Honours degree in Physiological Sciences, as well as a doctorate in human physiology from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. At Gene Food, Dr. Gina uses her expertise to provide evidence-pieces that readers may find helpful and informative.

Danielle Moore, MS


Danielle Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a graduate degree in Nutrition. Danielle has seen firsthand the healing power of personalized nutrition in her successful journey to overcome an autoimmune condition. At Gene Food, Danielle weighs in on the nutritional impacts of some of the work we’re doing.

John O’Connor

John O’Connor


John O’Connor is the Founder of Gene Food and host of the Gene Food Podcast. Like many who make their way into the wellness world, John was inspired to create a platform that could empower people to find personalized health solutions after he realized his health and dietary needs didn’t fit the template offered by conventional nutrition and medicine.



Official Mascot

Ned O’Connor is an Australian Labradoodle and the official Gene Food mascot. Ned’s nutritional awakening began upon realizing he couldn’t tolerate poultry or beef based dog food. Making the switch to kibble made with fish as well as adding venison and sweet potato resolved Ned’s digestive issues and made him a believer in the personalized health revolution. When he’s not at work, Ned enjoys counter surfing, playing with tennis balls and napping on cool tile floors.

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