Your Guide to Genetics & Nutrition

Welcome to the beating heart of the Gene Food site: the Guide to Genetics and Nutrition. Here we walk you through the primary genes we have identified as being nutrigenomic, meaning the expression of the gene is impacted by the nutrients we eat. The Guide to Genetics and Nutrition lists all the major and minor alleles for these gene variants as well as the micronutrients to consider and those to avoid. Customers of the custom nutrition plan can use their plan in conjunction with the guide to plan a supplement regimen tailored to their genetics.

Search Genes Alphabetically

View the genes in our guide to genetics and nutrition alphabetically. Every gene and every SNP is listed below. We are constantly updating genes and adding to this list.

Search Genes by Top Science Grade

Nutrigenomics, the science of how nutrition impacts gene expression, is a developing field. Not every gene has the same level of scientific data as some others. Here we list the SNPs with the most scientific backing.

Search Genes by Popularity

As more people gain access to their genetic data, certain markers have begun to pique the public’s interest. Here we list those genes, which include MTHFR, COMT, MAOA and many others.

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