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Adenylyl cyclase type 5 (ADCY5) is an enzyme encoded for by the ADCY5 gene 1. ADCY5 converts ATP, the cells energy currency, into another molecule called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which is used in many cell signaling processes. In the case of ADCY5 a major process is regulating the release of insulin from cells in the pancreas in response to elevated blood glucose 2,3.

There is one SNP in the ADCY5 gene which is associated with poor outcomes.


Science Grade
Gastrointestinal Health
rsID Number Major Allele Minor Allele Minor Allele Frequency (%)
rs11708067 a g 18

Risk Description

The ‘A’ allele of SNP rs11708067 is associated with a 50% reduction in expression of the ADCY5 gene 2. This change in expression is thought to be associated with altered glucose metabolism and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes 3.

Nutritional Contraindications:*

Ingredient Active Ingredient Effect
High GI Foods

Type 2 diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels and varying degrees of insulin resistance and availability.

GI is a measure of how quickly a carbohydrate based food makes blood sugar levels rise after ingestion. There is significant evidence that eating low GI foods (55 and below) 4, especially those rich in fiber can prove beneficial to health 5.

Discuss this information with your doctor before taking any course of action.


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