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KIAA1109 is included in the Gene Food “Gluten Intolerance” panel. The gene can be found on the extended portion of chromosome 4, a location linked to increased risk for Celiac disease. The protein produced by this gene shares similarities with a protein in Chinese hamsters connected to the differentiation of spermatocytes and adipocytes. In mammals, this protein is believed to play a role in guiding the growth and differentiation of epithelial cells and the onset of tumors.

Genetic variants in the KIAA1109 gene are linked to an increased risk of Celiac disease, a disease that occurs when the immune system reacts to gluten present in wheat, barley, and rye, damaging the small intestine and hindering nutrient absorption. 1

Science Grade
Gastrointestinal Health
rsID Number Major Allele Minor Allele Minor Allele Frequency (%)
rs13151961 a g 15.4

Risk Description

In a genome-wide association study, individuals carrying the G allele of this variant have a 35% reduced risk of developing Celiac disease than those without the disease.

Carriers of rs13151961 comprise a relatively small percentage of the population, with most of us carrying the risk A allele for this marker. 1

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