Head of Research

Dr. Aaron Gardner

Dr Aaron Gardner is a life-scientist with a strong background in genetics and medical research, and a particular interest in the developing fields of personalised medicine and nutrition.

Aaron graduated from the University of York, UK in 2007 with a BSc (Honours) in Genetics. As part of his studies Aaron was fortunate to work for a year in the UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium laboratory based in Imperial College, London, UK. It was here that he first became interested in the potential genetic screening has, to both alleviate disease and improve general health and wellbeing.

As a graduate student Aaron attended Newcastle University, UK and was awarded a Masters of Research in Medical and Molecular Biosciences in 2008 followed by his doctorate in the field of Immunology in 2012. Throughout his graduate studies Aaron investigated molecular pathways associated with the development of lung fibrosis, including potential genetic influences associated with a poor prognosis.

Since completing his studies Aaron has worked in a variety of medical research laboratories including Durham University and Newcastle University in the UK and Columbia University, New York, USA. His work has concentrated on understanding the genetic modulation of various fibrotic disorders, most recently returning to focus on cystic fibrosis, and more specifically the potential of targeted personalised medicine in this disease.

With the development of personal genetic testing, the fields of personalised medicine and nutrition are expanding rapidly. Drawing on his research experience, and interest in personalised medicine and nutrition, Aaron aims to help people better understand the role their genes can play in modulating their health and general wellbeing.

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