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Custom Nutrition Plan Reviews

What are people saying about the Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plans? Read recent reviews from Gene Food customers.

Name: Alyssa

Diet Type: Wayoan

“Since eating according to the plan you provided I have felt so much better, less inflamed and finally starting to lose weight!”

Name: Clare

Diet Type: Hunter Gatherer

“I’m very impressed with the content in my report. It confirms much of what I have figured out from experimenting with different diets, but it’s great to have the science behind it all.”

Name: Bambi

Diet Type: Paleo Plus

“I love the links to the various genes, the detailed descriptions of health risks, and the supplement suggestions. I am enjoying examining my results and find it all very helpful and fascinating. Thanks!!

Name: Darlene

Diet Type: Pescetarian

“Very pleased, thank you. By changing my diet to your findings, my health has already improved. I have had health issues my entire life, and I am feeling better than I ever have, (by changing my diet). Your research and easy to comprehend report are so much appreciated. My blood pressure has dropped from heart attack level to normal!”

Name: Meaghan

Diet Type: Okinawan

“Three Favorites: The Macronutrient breakdown; the specific gene detail in terms of supportive and non-supportive foods; and then the diet type recipes, with frequency delineated. Super helpful! Nutrigenomics is fascinating and I’m super excited to see how this company evolves!

Unlock your Diet Type

Gene Food uses a proprietary algorithm to divide people into one of twenty diet types based on genetics. We score for fat metabolism, histamine clearance, carbohydrate tolerance, and more. Where do you fit?

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