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Paleo Plus

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The diet types that score off the charts on almost all fronts are rare. More likely, we see one macronutrient pathway, like fat, that is strong and another, like carbohydrate clearance, that appears a bit weaker. Paleo Plus is the perfect example. Paleo Plus genotypes will usually do a good job handling a diet that is higher in fats, but struggle to keep blood sugar under control when they eat lots of carbohydrates and sugar. While butter coffee may be on the menu for the Paleo Plus camp, staying clear of foods that spike blood sugar is usually a good idea. But don’t let the name fool you, unless they have an existing autoimmune condition or digestive disorder that requires keeping a close eye on lectins, the Paleo Plus diet isn’t your run of the mill Paleo diet.

Beans are a healthy part of this Paleo diet. Sure, throw a grass fed steak in the mix every so often, but just because these cavemen and cavewomen can handle healthy fats in their diet does not mean they eat nothing but meat. Beans are an important source of plant based fiber Paleo Plus use to feed the good critters living in the gut. However, this diet is not without its traditional Paleo rules – grains and dairy can both be placed squarely on the avoid list for this group.

Most closely related diet: Modified Paleo

Primary difference with Modified Paleo: Modified Paleo genotypes are more likely to be able to get by with some dairy in their diets. Not to say that all of them will thrive on dairy products, however, Modified Paleo isn’t lactose intolerant, whereas Paleo Plus is.

Biggest challenge: Paleo plus isn’t a keto diet. While carbohydrates should be curtailed, Paleo Plus dieters still want to ensure they are getting adequate fiber to feed the good guys in their gut.

Red meat friendly? Yes, in moderation. Paleo plus dieters can deal with the fat, but saturated fat isn’t the whole equation when it comes to animal protein. Paleo Plus dieters eating more protein still have to be mindful of creatinine, IGF-1 and uric acid.

Keto friendly: Yes, but test LDL-P and heart health metrics.

Carnivore diet friendly? Nope. 

Does this diet type handle fermented foods? As long as it’s not fermented dairy, all the other fermented foods are on the menu for Paleo Plus.

What about pancakes and refined grains: As we see with diet types like California Keto, Paleo Plus is better suited to a diet that is lower in carbohydrates, especially refined grains, so unfortunately pancakes are off the menu. This diet can easily be grain free, however, the addition of non-cereal grains, like quinoa, may work well for some Paleo Plus.

Go to breakfast: Poached eggs over black bean hash with a side of steamed greens.

Is Paleo Plus your Diet Type?

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