Confused about which diet to follow? Stop Guessing.

The Gene Food custom nutrition plan has arrived. Our team of geneticists use raw data from genetic providers like 23andme and to craft a custom nutrition report tailored to your genetics. No boilerplate copy paste analysis, a real nutrition plan written just for you.

A sample of what’s included:

Macronutrient recommendations

What ratio of fat to carbs to protein best suits your body

How do you react to supplements?

Are supplements beneficial? Which ones should you consider?

Food sensitivity 

Lactose, caffeine, gluten and more

Superman and 
Kryptonite foods

We list the foods your body wants and those to avoid

other popular genes

Put the popular genes in perspective with a complete analysis

Food rules and recipes tailored to you

Simple nutrition rules to remember

A member of our team will craft a nutrition plan built just for you.

The 4th quarter of 2016 saw 1.6 million people gain access to their genetic data in one form or another, by far the largest number on record. However, the flood of interest in genetics has brought with it massive confusion. Forums are filled with people looking for information about how their genetic variants affect their health. Faced with an overwhelming number of genes, and data that is often conflicting or incomplete, most people want one question answered.

You'll never look at your morning coffee the same way again.

While the science of nutrigenomics and epigenetics is growing everyday, we do know that both diet and lifestyle affect our gene expression. We know that different people process nutrients differently. For example, certain genotypes are associated with food sensitivity like lactose intolerance, others of celiac disease. Our vitamin D receptor genes can play a role in whether we develop diseases like osteoporosis. Our genes even impact how our bodies respond to high sulfur foods like brussel sprouts and cabbage, and how we metabolize ammonia, the waste product of protein consumption.

Various genes in caffeine

Getting ready to re-launch!

The Gene Food Nutrigenomic Report uses your raw genetic data to craft a nutrition plan just for you. Data is kept 100% confidential.

Since we sold out of our first offering, many of you have written in asking when we will be offering the nutrition plans again. We are excited to announce that we plan to offer the reports again starting in late October. If you’re interested in being first in line, send us an email and we will hold a place for you. 

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