The Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plan

Confused about which diet to follow? Stop Guessing.

The Gene Food custom nutrition plan has arrived. Our team of geneticists use raw data from genetic providers like 23andme and to craft a custom nutrition report tailored to your genetics.

No boilerplate copy paste analysis, a real nutrition plan written just for you.

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We have identified 20 distinct diet types based on genetics. Where do you fit?

California Keto

Farmer's markets and fat.

Urban Grazer

Everything but dairy.


Channel your inner Bourdain.

Paleo Plus

Chris Kresser podcast.

Modified Paleo

No grains, but a little feta never hurt anyone.

Vegan Plus

Valter Longo would be proud.


Shoutout to Dr. Mark.


Your bread and butter is no bread and butter.


Lots of plants, lil' bit of everything else.


Eat food, not too much, know your LDL-P.


Olive oil for everything, except sunscreen.

Hunter Gatherer

Don't even look at pancakes.


Rice and beans, minus the rice.

California Coastal

You'll look great in a bathing suit.


Rich Roll podcast.


Can I put natto on my purple potatoes?


Watch What the Health, then watch it again.

Lean Machine

Butter in your coffee is a bad idea.


Your Yoda is in Austin, visit him you must.

West Angeleno

Eat like you live west of Lincoln.

How Does It Work?

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Upload your raw data file.

We analyze your genetics for fat, protein, carbohydrate metabolism and more.

Receive your custom diet type and nutrition plan tailored to your genetics.

A nutrition plan built just for you

Macronutrient recommendations

Learn what ratio of fat to carbs to protein best suits you

Blood sugar analysis

What types of carbohydrate can your body handle?

Should I eat plant based?

What percentage of protein should come from plants?

Protein metabolism

How does your body react to dairy, histamine and plant proteins?

Methylation strength

How strong are your methylation genes?

All about fat

Whether you can handle butter in your coffee, fat metabolism, HDL:LDL ratio and more




"Since eating according to the plan you provided I have felt so much better, less inflamed and finally starting to lose weight!"


Hunter Gatherer

"I'm very impressed with the content in my report. It confirms much of what I have figured out from experimenting with different diets, but it's great to have the science behind it all."

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Get Your Custom Nutrition Plan

The Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plan uses your raw genetic data to craft a nutrition plan just for you.

  • Data is kept 100% confidential and secure
  • Learn your ideal diet type
  • Saturated fat, LDL genes, MTHFR, dairy and much more


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