John O'Connor

Founder of GeneFood

Hi, I’m John O’Connor, founder of Gene Food. I am passionate about nutrition, genetics, and startups. Gene Food combines all of these interests into one project for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to get our message of personalized nutrition out to the public.

Like many who find their way into a career in health and wellness, I struggled with my own health issues before realizing I didn’t fit the template offered by our current system of medicine and nutrition. Prior to finding a health regimen that worked for me, I vacillated back and forth between different diets on the recommendation of a whole host of influencers who all swore “the science” was on their side. Nothing is more frustrating than having a well meaning commentator tell you how good something is for you, only to learn it doesn’t work for your body. Creating Gene Food is my attempt at helping people begin the process of learning what works for them, not what has worked for someone else.

In my journey towards a better understanding of my own unique needs, three mentors helped me tremendously along the way.

First, Mia Barbrick, a healer and acupuncturist based out of Laguna Beach, California. It was under Mia’s care that I first saw how powerful ancient healing modalities can be when applied to the right patient by the right practitioner at the right time. Mia took me under her wing with herbs, common sense wisdom and friendship. Spending a few weeks with her was, and still is, one of the best things I can do to regain my center. 

Next, Dr. Stephen Brody, a Stanford trained endocrinologist and anti-aging doctor in San Diego. Dr. Brody introduced me to the world of advanced lab testing that is sadly off-limits for most Americans. Through extensive blood work, I saw what the future of personalized medicine can look like. For the first time, I was exposed to lipid markers like Lp(a), VLDL, LDL-P, Lp-PLA2 and cholesterol absorption markers as well as genetic polymorphisms such as APOE and MTHFR. The idea that people metabolize nutritional inputs differently based on genetics fascinated me and was one of the primary drivers behind creating Gene Food. 

Last, I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training under Gerhard Gessner, a member of the faculty of the University of San Diego as well as the owner of Prana Yoga in La Jolla, CA. Through Gerhard, I learned that Yoga is far more than just the asana practice. The science of Yoga can be applied to all facets of life and is rooted in cultivating good habits. 

To that end, and to explore the relationship between good habits and good health, I went on to become a health coach trained at Duke IM. 

So, in sum, would you call me a nutrition expert?

I hope not. 

I’m not a nutrition expert. 

What I am is a John O’Connor expert.

I know my body and what it needs. 

What I want for Gene Food customers is that they can each say the same for themselves. 

I’ve now spent years as a “citizen scientist” conducting research with the hope of creating a sophisticated road map to personalized nutrition. Founding Gene Food allowed me to scale this work with my own research team. The Gene Food Podcast gives us access to some of the smartest minds in nutrition and medicine. 

With the help of Dr. Aaron Gardner and our research team, our mission at Gene Food is to empower people to embark on their own unique health journeys. When attempting to find a diet and lifestyle that worked for me, I struggled under the influence of vocal advocates for one size fits all solutions that left me confused and frustrated. 

As a result, our content at Gene Food is designed to offer insights that can help people develop diet and wellness habits that work for them, not ones that worked for someone else.

We hope to use the emerging science of nutrigenomics to craft personalized regimens that meet people’s unique needs so they can show up in the world as better, happier versions of themselves.

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