Founder of GeneFood

John O’Connor

Hi, I’m John O’Connor, founder of Gene Food. I am passionate about nutrition, genetics, and startups. Gene Food combines all of these interests into one project for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to get our message of personalized nutrition out to the public.

So, how did I become interested in nutrigenomics?

It all started with my trips to the Ping Clinic in Laguna Beach. I was living in New York City at the time, and started coming to California in the winter to escape the worst of the cold weather. A good friend of mine swore by the Ping Clinic, so I stopped in to see Mia. She promptly brought me under her care with treatment, herbs and love. When I came back to the City, multiple friends told me I looked like a different person. I certainly felt like one. The Traditional Chinese Medicine view is that a taxed liver contributes to a lack of focus and anxiety. (R) After years of restaurant meals, drinking, and city stress, I had both. But after treatments with Mia, and about a month in the sunshine, my mind felt clear and strong.

This opened a new paradigm for me.

Prior to my meetings with Mia, I believed the standard western party line that anything that isn’t a drug has no purpose, that ancient practices like acupuncture had no efficacy. I now saw things differently. My eyes were opened to the concept of self care, the practice of understanding what your body and mind need to be healthy. I saw that taking care of myself allowed me to be a better version of myself, a version better equipped to serve others.┬áReaching this conclusion put me on a quest for as much information about how my body works as possible. I started reading voraciously, and haven’t yet stopped.

I have learned that there is a vast body of science available to people looking for information about their health, and that when it comes to health, details matter. For example, what may seem like “small” dental issues, can cause cardiovascular disease. The body is an integrated unit. I began to see that the “standard issue” regimen of surface lab testing is practical for large groups of people, but often not what’s needed to fully diagnose an issue, or to perform at your best. My interest in data and lab testing, led me to nutrigenomics. It was on my first Boston Heart Diagnostics panel that I was first introduced to the MTHFR gene.

The idea that people process and use the nutrients they eat differently based on their genetics fascinates me. Put simply, I work on Gene Food as a passion project. I believe that a “molecular medicine” revolution is long overdue, and that the day is coming when doctors will regularly use genetics as a diagnostic tool.

It is my hope that the work we do at Gene Food will help people live healthier, happier lives.

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