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Lean Machine

Butter in your coffee is a bad idea

Otherwise known simply as the “Gerald diet.” Ultra Marathon runner Gerald Holbroke switched from a traditional paleo diet to our Lean Machine protocol after getting his Gene Food results. You can read about his transformation, here. 

But don’t let the name fool you, Lean Machines can get their fat on, it’s just that they need to watch the type of fat they use as fuel. This is a diet that would work well for a plant based Keto diet, but traditional Keto with butter, cheese and lots of meat is no bueno.

However, going the Keto route isn’t usually going to be necessary for Lean Machines. Because Lean Machine genotypes tend to use carbohydrates efficiently, they are more than capable of running on glucose and doing so at a high level. Those following the Lean Machine diet will skew more heavily plant based, but they also need to make sure they are getting plenty of omega-3 fats while they do so. 

As they are very likely to be lactose intolerant, dairy is the Achilles heel for the hard charging Lean Machine diet types.

What is the scientific basis for this diet? The macronutrient ratios for the Lean Machine diet, at 35% healthy fats, 50% complex carbohydrates, and 15% protein, often from plant sources, are consistent with the United States Dietary Guidelines for 2020 – 2025

For more on the science of nutrigenomics, see our science page.

Most closely related diet: Trainer

Primary difference with Trainer: Both Trainers and Lean Machine diet types have a high tolerance for monounsaturated and omega-3 fats, however, the major difference between the two is that Lean Machine has problems with lactose whereas Trainers should be more mindful of histamine.  

Biggest challenge: The Lean Machine diet is higher in plant based meals, which tend to include more omega-6 fats. The challenge for Lean Machines is to get enough omega-3 fats, especially pure sources of EPA and DHA. Some days this may mean adding a little cod liver or algal oil to the mix to top off omega-3 levels as compared to omega-6 intake.

Red meat friendly? Nope, not as a staple. Lean Machines want to make sure they get their saturated fats primarily from plant sources that also contain healthy monounsaturated fats. 

Keto friendly: A plant based ketogenic diet high in monounsaturated fat is a possibility for Lean Machines, but be warned, these are tough diets to follow. Traditional keto is 100% off the table, in fact, it’s in the basement with a “hazardous to health” sticker emblazoned on the packaging.  

Carnivore diet friendly? Nope. 

Does this diet type handle fermented foods? Other than fermented dairy, which should be avoided, the Lean Machine can benefit from the good guy strains of bacteria in most fermented foods.

What about pancakes and refined grains: If you’ve read a few of these profiles, you know that our view is refined grains aren’t a slam dunk for anyone. Having said that, some grain based products are better than others. Lean Machine genotypes should be able to handle a diet that is higher in carbohydrates, so if a piece of homemade sourdough tickles their fancy from time to time, go for it, just don’t become a regular at iHOP. 

Go to breakfast: Overnight oats with banana and almond butter.

Is Lean Machine your Diet Type?

Gene Food uses a proprietary algorithm to divide people into one of twenty diet types based on genetics. We score for fat metabolism, histamine clearance, carbohydrate tolerance, and more. Where do you fit?

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