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Vegans Vitamin A Genetics
November 29, 2016

Can Vegans Get Enough Vitamin A? The Answer may be Genetic

ContentsVitamin metabolism is complexVitamin A: plant and animal sourcesRetinolCarotenoidsVitamin A deficiency in VegansBCO1 Genes and Vitamin AVitamin A and retinol supplements warningBeta-carotene in food is healthyWhy you might want to… Read More

VDR Gene Osteoporosis Bone Health
November 27, 2016

How Caffeine and Vitamin D Genes Influence Bone Health and Osteoporosis

ContentsHow Vitamin D strengthens boneVitamin D genes and bone healthCaffeine and bone healthUnderstanding your coffee intakeDoes caffeine impact bone health?Bringing it all togetherTake-home message There is new and exciting research… Read More

CYP1B1 Gene Estrogen Breast Cancer Risk
November 22, 2016

The CYP1B1 Gene, Estrogen Metabolism, and Cancer Risk

ContentsEstrogen, the sex hormoneDietary sources of estrogenThe CYP1B1 gene explainedToo much estrogen can be a problemImplications for variations in the CYP1B1 geneEstrogen supplementationTake Home Message – Breast Cancer Link Not… Read More

Vegan studies
November 18, 2016

Why Carotenoids are Best Paired With Some Fat

ContentsWhat are carotenoids?Carotenoid absorption and fatYes, but which fats?Benefits of Avocado and Olive OilA healthy and versatile salad dressing recipe While researching the bioavailability of lycopene, our research team came… Read More

Lycopene Tomato Paste
November 16, 2016

The bioavailability of Lycopene: tomato paste trumps vine ripened

ContentsDoes lycopene support prostate health?Processed tomato products give us more lycopeneLycopene is best consumed with fatThe bottom line For men, the risk of prostate cancer increases as we age. The… Read More

November 11, 2016

Do I have an MTHFR “Mutation?” Here’s How to Find Out

ContentsMTHFR debate ignores the Black community and people of colorDNA test kits that include MTHFR variantsMTHFR for 23andme usersStep #1 – login and select “browse raw data”Step #2 – search… Read More

MCT oil side effects
July 21, 2016

My Experience With MCT Oil: Benefits vs. Side Effects

ContentsMCT Oil Side EffectsMCT Oil Can Raise “Bad Cholesterol”Hyper responders and MCT OilMCT Oil and Vitamin D Side EffectsMCT Oil and Upset StomachForum Accounts of MCT Oil Side EffectsOvercoming MCT… Read More

Apples Nutrition
July 20, 2016

Apples and Nutrition: the Fruit that Prevents Disease?

ContentsSugar in applesDoes the sugar in apples spike blood sugar?Antioxidants in applesThe Cornell Study – are the phytochemicals found in apples bioavailable?Apples, Flavonoids and Cancer PreventionNurses’ Health StudyHawaii StudyFinnish StudyApples… Read More

Obesogens Toxins Make You Fat
July 1, 2016

Obesogens: Can toxins make you fat?

The situation is desperate. Millions of people are afflicted with the same disorder – it’s an epidemic. We don’t even need to reiterate the statistics. It’s common knowledge that we… Read More

Added Sunflower Oil to Products
May 26, 2016

Why is there sunflower oil on my cherries?

I grew up in Michigan, a state well known for the auto industry, but also famous for its delicious cherries. Michigan goes to great lengths to preserve their dominance as… Read More

glutathione dosage
May 25, 2016

My Experience With Glutathione Supplements: Benefits vs. Side Effects

ContentsWhat is glutathione?Can glutathione supplements be absorbed?IV glutathioneHerxheimer reaction and glutathione IVMy experience with glutathione IV therapyTwo hours after the IVThe day afterTwo days laterThree days after and beyondLower IV… Read More

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