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Epigenetics and Lifestyle - Page 4

B12, B6, B9
May 3, 2018

What is the Best Dose for B Vitamin Supplements?

Taking a good quality B vitamin supplement can have tremendous benefit. For example, pregnant women who supplement with folic acid during pregnancy. We know that people are not going to… Read More

Highway Traffic
May 2, 2018

Living Close to a Highway? Make Sure to Eat Your Broccoli

If you’ve spent much time in Southern California, and especially Los Angeles, you see a surprising amount of residential development built right next to the highway. For example, The Orsini,… Read More

flip phone benefits
April 19, 2018

Is it Time to Ditch the iPhone for a Flip Phone?

An increasing number of people list “responsible use of technology” as a health goal. Why? iPhone addiction iPhone addiction is causing anxiety and preventing us from living our best life…. Read More

Morning Sickness Genetic
April 11, 2018

Why Does Morning Sickness Happen and How Can I Make it Stop?

If you’ve ever had or known anyone who has experienced morning sickness in pregnancy, you’ll know that it’s more like “all day sickness” and can strike at the most inopportune… Read More

March 28, 2018

Do glucosamine supplements work? My experience after 6 months

Glucosamine supplements have long been the talk of the running community. I’ve gone on and off of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements over the past six years I’ve been a runner… Read More

Crohn’s disease genetics
March 26, 2018

What Causes Crohn’s Disease? Is IBD Determined by Genetics?

Crohn’s disease is complex, chronic disorder primarily affecting the digestive system and with no single known cause. What we do know, though, is that this disease occurs more often in… Read More

Vegan diet nutrient deficiency
March 22, 2018

The Vegan Guide to Dietary Supplements: B12, Iron and More

Attracted to its low environmental impact and potential health benefits, more and more people are beginning to follow a vegan diet and lifestyle. Just a few months ago, John experimented… Read More

Manage Migraines Nutrition
March 20, 2018

How Diet Plays a Role in Chronic Migraines (And What to do About it)

Like many people, I grew up with a parent who suffered from debilitating migraines. I learned early on the importance of keeping noise, lights, stress, and smells to a minimum… Read More

Vegans and the Paleo Diet
March 19, 2018

What vegans don’t understand about the paleo diet

Most Vegans don’t see a good reason why anyone would ever go Paleo, under any circumstances. After all, as documentaries like What the Health claim, the science is squarely on… Read More

DAO DAOO Differences Genetics
February 28, 2018

6 conditions you’d never guess are caused by allergies

So, you have allergies. You have a runny nose, and maybe itchy, watery eyes. That’s where it stops, right? For most people the answer is yes, but some experience strange… Read More

ozone free air purifiers
February 1, 2018

How to Find the Best Air Purifier

With many of us on the Gene Food team living in major cities with polluted air, including New York City, the topic of finding a good air purifier seems like… Read More

prostatitis cure
December 21, 2017

Yes, you can Cure Prostatitis – Proven Strategies for Maintaining Prostate Health

This post is part of multi-part series shedding light on the latest treatments for common chronic conditions faced by an increasing number of Americans. Prostate. Just mentioning the word will… Read More

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