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saturated fat

September 19, 2019

How to Avoid Eating Trans Fats – and why it Matters

Trans fats are a particularly dangerous type of fat that are great at preserving the shelf life of processed foods, but terrible for your cardiovascular health. Sadly, though, the Food… Read More

ghee vs. butter
January 18, 2019

What we can learn from an 18 country study on dietary fat

In our first Study Series post, titled What is a Good Carb? we looked at a new study that is music to the ears of the plant based community. That… Read More

why I don't eat canola oil
November 26, 2018

Does Health Advice About Omega 6 Fats Apply to the Black Community?

If you follow our nutrition discussions online, you may have noticed a certain lack of nuance. You know the drill, eggs are either a super food or eggs are worse… Read More

Vegan studies
November 18, 2016

Why Carotenoids are Best Paired With Some Fat

While researching the bioavailability of lycopene, our research team came across a series of interesting studies about how to maximize the benefits of a special type of antioxidant called carotenoids…. Read More

December 2, 2020

Dr. Dean Ornish vs. Dr. Mark Hyman: When Diet Experts Disagree

I had a call yesterday with a potential Gene Food investor here in Jackson Hole. About 5 minutes into the call, she told me she wasn’t sure why anyone would… Read More

November 6, 2020

#34 – Don’t Ignore High LDL, TG/HDL Ratio, Lp(a), Cholesterol Absorption and more with Tom Dayspring, M.D.

How important is TG/HDL ratio? Does LDL cause heart disease? What are the best biomarkers for measuring cardiovascular health? We get into these questions and a whole lot more with… Read More

September 21, 2020

#32 – Clean Keto, Running 100 Miles in 24 Hours, and Cultivating a Positive Body Image with Drew Manning

Our guest today is Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit. Drew is a fat-adapted personal trainer who deliberately gained 70 pounds, and then lost it, to better empathize with his clients. We… Read More

September 13, 2020

#31 – 21 Eggs A Week Blood Test Results, Cholesterol Hyper-Absorbers, Lp(a), and more with John O’Connor

Nowhere in nutrition are the debates more fierce than with eggs. Some claim eating an egg is like “smoking 5 cigarettes,” while others say eggs are a super food. Who… Read More

September 8, 2020

The Science Behind DNA Diets

A growing body of scientific research is confirming what many of us have always known intuitively. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet. While DNA… Read More

May 13, 2020

#26 – Lp(a) – The Heart’s Silent Killer with Dr. Joel Kahn, M.D.

If you’re concerned with cardiovascular health, a special type of LDL particle, called Lipoprotein (a), should be top of mind. This special type of “genetic bad cholesterol” is elevated in… Read More

February 21, 2020

#22 – How to Tell if Eggs are Good for You with Dr. Aaron Gardner

In the world of nutrition, perhaps no other topic is as controversial as eggs and cholesterol. On one side of the debate, the plant based community tells us eating eggs are… Read More

February 19, 2020

In Defense of DNA Diets (They Can and Do Work)

Have you been Googling “do DNA diets work?” If you have, you may have found an article written by Scientific American titled “Matching DNA to a Diet Does Not Work.”… Read More

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