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#04 – Dissenting Opinions on Popular Supplements, Skip the Collagen, Peptides, Metformin, Omega-3 and More with our Industry Insider

How do you know you’re taking the right supplements, or even worse, could your supplements be making you sick? Supplements, otherwise known as nutraceuticals, can have tremendous efficacy for millions of people when taken at the right time at the right dose. However, there are also circumstances where the marketing of supplements far outpaces the science and in many cases, people aren’t getting the quality they are being sold on. In this episode of the podcast, we interview our industry insider who rose to fame in the Most Fish Oil is Garbage post about what to look for in a good supplement and why some of the most popular supplements aren’t always worth your time and money.

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This Episode Covers:

  • FDA regulated supplements manufacturers vs. FDA approved drugs [3:20];
  • Verifying raw material content in supplements and the importance of expiration dates [9:00];
  • Finding a trustworthy supplement brand [15:00];
  • Metformin vs. Berberine and heart health / PCSK9 [23:30];
  • Why more curcumin bioavailability might not be a good thing [29:00];
  • Liposomal supplements and omega 6 / omega 3 ratios [33:00];
  • Peptides and natural repair mechanisms [42:00];
  • Collagen supplements and bone broth – a contrarian view [45:00];
  • Crafting a supplement regimen that works for you using labs [50:00];
  • What are the best omega-3 supplements and are they effective? [53:30]

Show Notes and Discussion:

After the lead off, which mainly focuses on tips and tricks for finding high quality supplements, this episode contains some fairly controversial takes on popular supplements.

Here is my blog on berberine vs. metformin.

Chris was interviewed on the blog on our popular fish oil post as well as a multi-vitamin post. Those blogs layout a lot of his thinking on Omega-3 quality and dose (unless your doctor tells you otherwise, I don’t think most people should mega-dose fish oil, instead my sense is that the dose should be a Barry Sears type protocol that seeks to balance EPA / Arachodonic acid ratio based on lab work).

Here is a great resource for the inflammatory nature of an imbalance between omega-3 to omega-6.

However, we did establish that the dose of omega-6 fats in liposomal supplements is probably relatively small.

One of the “dissenting” takes is on curcumin and techniques supplement brands use to increase bio-availability. To be fair, one curcumin phytosome, Meriva by Thorne, does have some clinical data that is encouraging both for depression and osteoarthritis.

I also wrote a blog post on curcumin bio-availability which can be viewed here. For more on curcumin and turmeric in human studies, this blog post by Aaron is indispensable.

Rat study on piperine black pepper interfering with metabolism of pharmaceuticals.

Human commentary on the ability of piperine to interfere with metabolism of drugs in the liver.

The NEJM study on choline, lecithin and TMAO can be viewed here.

Aaron also wrote a great post on what we know and don’t know about TMAO.

Here is a discussion of the use of peptides for bone and tissue repair.

John O'Connor

John O'Connor is the founder of Gene Food. He is passionate about nutrition, genetics, and wellness and uses this blog to publish self experiments as well as some of the research that the Gene Food team does internally to highlight stories of bio-individuality.

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  1. Markus says:

    A couple of years back I was consuming 1-2 cups of gelatinous bone broth every day to supposedly aid with gut healing. However, considering the symptoms I was experiencing, in addition to some test results showing elevated oxalates, histamine och glutamate, I’ve cut down my intake.

    With that said, I know that taking collagen powder that has been enzymatically pre-digested rather than heat-treated to break it down can alleviate some of the glutamate and histamine issues related to collagen consumption. From what I’ve heard, Vital Proteins offers such a collagen supplement.

  2. pool says:

    Got some crollagen and got stabbing pains mostly in the kidney area. Was having heartburn at night though. The heartburn went away, and i returned the product. It had a ‘burnt bone’ smell when mixed with water. The pains lasted for like a week. This prodct can increase oxalates. Maybe less is more . Feeling better,but feel for me It’d give me stones, perhaps.

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