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#15 – How to Make Friends With Your Immune System, the Latest Research on Autism, and Rethinking Antioxidant Supplements with Dr. Theoharis Theoharides

Today, our guest is Dr. Theoharis Theoharides, a world renowned expert on mast cells and the immune system. Dr. Theoharides is a Stanford and Yale trained immunologist who currently serves on the faculty at Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Theoharides’ lab investigates the mechanism of selective secretion of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory molecules from mast cells, cells which the layperson can think of as the “military sentinels of the immune system.”

When the body senses an invader, or even in response to stress, mast cells release a cocktail of weaponry designed to kill the intruder. In a state of good health, this mast cell activity is a benefit. However, when mast cells become chronically activated, the increase in immune activity contributes to many of the chronic diseases plaguing the western world. Dr. Theoharides is also the inventor of a luteoline / quercetin formula supplement designed for those suffering from mast cell problems. In today’s episode, we shine a spotlight on the work Dr. Theoharides has done with autistic children and discuss practical strategies for quieting down the immune system.

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This Episode Covers:

  • The only pharmaceutical drug that blocks mast cell activity [7:00];
  • Why mast cell activity tends to get worse with time [13:00];
  • Common environmental triggers that stimulate mast cells including mold [16:50];
  • The problem with supplements [24:00];
  • Autism and mast cells plus the tests to run for autistic children [30:00];
  • Heart disease, histamine, and mast cells [49:30];
  • The best nutrients for mast cells and phenol intolerance [57:00];

John O'Connor

John O'Connor is the founder of Gene Food, a nutrigenomic startup helping people all over the world personalize nutrition. John is the host of the Gene Food Podcast and a health coach trained at Duke's Integrative Medicine Program. Read his full bio here.

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