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#13 – A Genetic Explanation for Success on the Carnivore Diet, Debating LDL, Protein Metabolism and more with L. Amber O’Hearn

The carnivore diet is all the rage right now, with some outspoken advocates telling us that all plants are “bad for us” and that meat heals. I’ve written a blog post titled Why the Carnivore Diet is Probably Unhealthy and What to try Instead, so my views on carnivore diets as they apply to most people are no secret. Having said that, it’s clear the carnivore diet offers significant benefits for some people as well, Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson being notable examples. Why would certain individuals be healthier eating nothing but meat? In this episode of the podcast, we go beyond the usual diet wars and instead focus on genetic traits that could signal either success or failure on a carnivore diet. Our guest, L. Amber O’Hearn is one of the original carnivores. She created the Carnivore Diet Conference and credits an all meat diet with improved mental health. Amber was a great sport to come on the show and there is a lot we can learn from the research she has done. Tune in for a nuanced discussion on the carnivore diet.

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This Episode Covers:

  • Amber’s journey towards healing bipolar disorder [10:30];
  • A day in the life of the carnivore diet [21:21];
  • The energy model of lipids, LDL debate, and Mikhaila Peterson’s blood work on an all meat diet [32:00];
  • Amber’s LDL-P on a carnivore diet [41:10];
  • A genetic explanation for success on a carnivore diet [42:30];
  • Carnivore diet and gut health [50:30];
  • People poorly suited to a carnivore diet, protein metabolism, and the urea cycle [57:00];
  • How important is ketosis on the carnivore diet? [1:05:00];
  • Autophagy, cancer pathways and mTOR [1:10:00];
  • Factory farming and the carnivore diet and balancing health vs. environmental externalities [1:17:00];
  • Uric acid, gout and the carnivore diet [1:20:00]


Amber’s website

Dave Feldman’s website – The Cholesterol Code

Peter Attia / Dave Feldman interview (recommended)

Mikhaila Peterson’s blood work on the carnivore diet

VLDL as an independent risk factor for heart disease beyond TG count

Sitosterolemia overview

Sterols of coffee

LDL-C of over 190 mg/dl sitosterolemia?

Blood type and hydrochloric acid 

Urea cycle variability

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