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Hi there! I’m Danielle Moore, the Nutritionist and food-enthusiast behind the recipes here at GeneFood.

I have both personally and professionally experienced the benefits of individualized nutrition. Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all product and making healthy choices doesn’t look the same for everyone. Knowing your unique body needs and triggers can serve as a roadmap to healthy eating. Our genetics are as unique as our personalities. I believe that understanding the makeup of your body is the most effective way to navigate the sometimes confusing world of healthy eating and personal nutrition. That’s why our food recommendations and recipes are based in scientific evidence and your genetic testing, so you know you’re feeding wellness in your body.

I started my journey into Nutrition as a pre-med student at Florida State University, where I earned a degree in Biochemistry. While interning in the medical field, I realized that I desired a more holistic approach than the one offered by conventional Western medicine. I landed in Business school at the University of Florida, in hopes that I could positively affect change through entrepreneurship. Not long after graduation, I found the local food scene, buzzing with like-minded entrepreneurs and farmers passionate about growing healing, nutritionally dense foods.

I embraced food as my path to the holistic wellness I was seeking. I went back to graduate school for Nutrition where I incorporated my Business education while working with local food-based non-profits and businesses. As a student, I developed and managed a statewide, USDA-funded program to increase attendance at farmers markets and conduct nutritional outreach to underserved communities. Later, I served as Vice President of Community for a local meal kit company, where I worked closely with area chefs and honed my recipe writing skills, drawing inspiration from the seasons and creative local food artisans. My next leap was to embrace my entrepreneurial nature and start Sunday Bacon Kitchen, a culinary consulting and design firm that provides consulting services to small food-based businesses and nutritional consulting to individuals.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, an auto-immune disorder that affects the thyroid gland. As a Nutritionist, I thought I was already making healthy food choices but, through individualized food testing, I found that many of my healthy choices were causing inflammation in my body. With a personal motivation to be healthy and a professional motivation to prove the healing powers of foods, I changed my diet and in turn, my life, based on the unique testing I received. Now, it’s your turn. I’m happy to be sharing my knowledge and providing you recipes to become your healthiest self.

Danielle Moore's Latest Articles

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May 6, 2019

My Experience with Hashimoto’s: The Changes I Made to Get My Life Back

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May 6, 2019

My Quest for the Perfect Milk Alternative

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