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We created Gene Food as a launching off point for people on a mission to find what works best for them when it comes to health and nutrition.


Whether it be Carnivore, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Vegan, or something in between, it seems everyone today has a diet to sell.

But while these diets are marketed as the solution for all of us, what works for one person may not work for another.

To make matters worse, all sides shout at each other from across the Twitterverse insisting that anyone who isn’t following their chosen diet is out of touch with science.

This is frustrating for those of us who search in earnest for better health.

Who are we to trust?

We created Gene Food as a launching off point for people on a mission to find what works best for them when it comes to health and nutrition.

You could almost think of us as the referee for the diet wars.

We don’t advocate for any one diet.

We don’t sell supplements.

Instead, we created an algorithm that divides people into 20 different diet types based on their genetics. While we recognize genetics aren’t the whole story, lifestyle plays a big role as well, we see genetics as the foundation upon which we can each build our own “wellness house.”

To that end, we have created a number of different resources our community members can use on their own unique path to health.


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The Gene Food Blog

The Gene Food blog publishes evidence based articles on topics ranging from lab testing to supplement reviews.

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The Gene Food Podcast

The Gene Food Podcast is devoted to bringing our audience the brightest voices in medicine and nutrition.

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Guide to Nutrigenomics

Our Guide to Nutrigenomics lists the top genes that can be influenced by nutrition and rates each of them using a Science Grade meant to keep the public up to date on the state of the research for every marker we look at.

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Custom Nutrition Plans

The Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plan uses raw genetic data to divide people into one of twenty diet types based on a scoring system developed by our geneticist and head of research Dr. Aaron Gardner.

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DNA Recipe Database

Our DNA Recipe database can be used by anyone, but is specifically designed to work in conjunction with our custom nutrition plan product to give customers access to a library of recipes that are compatible with their genetics.

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The Gene Food Library

The Gene Food library, a bank of objective and evidence-based content aimed at analyzing important issues in health and wellness, as well as how genetic variability affects outcomes, carefully reviewed and backed by science.

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John O’Connor
Founder of Gene Food

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