Welcome to the Gene Food Library, the product of Dr. Aaron Gardner and his research team. Covered from the perspective of genetics and bio-individuality, the Library is offered as a nuts and bolts, evidence based guide to the most important topics in health and wellness. Full of hundreds of citations from the best peer reviewed medical and scientific journals, the Library offers our readers a learning center where they can get up to speed on topics ranging from methylation, to fat metabolism, to the science behind their favorite supplements. We are committed to bringing you unbiased takes on all the health and wellness topics you care most about as well as the best science discussing each topic.

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Fat. Is it good or bad? We analyze the debate from all sides.

What you will learn
  • Saturated fat and heart disease: what you need to know
  • Omega-3 fatty acids and the brain
  • The latest science on cholesterol
  • Ketosis and the brain
  • The dangers of vegetable and seed oils

Under Construction

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How much protein is too much? Is plant or animal protein best?

What you will learn
  • Animal protein vs. plant protein
  • Amino acids, cancer and aging
  • Urea cycle and protein metabolism
  • Factory raised meat vs. grass fed
  • Vegan meat alternatives: a healthy choice?

Under Construction

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Low carb, keto, or high carb plant based? Who wins the carb debates?

What you will learn
  • Genetics of carbohydrate metabolism
  • Simple carbs vs. complex carbs
  • Blood sugar after meals vs. long term
  • Do high carb diets cause dementia?
  • Who should be gluten free?

Under Construction

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Supplements and Micronutrients

The market is flooded with information about supplements, but who can you trust?

What you will learn
  • Exogenous ketones
  • Antioxidant supplements
  • Breaking down probiotic strains
  • Supplements vs. pharmaceuticals
  • Purity and manufacturing standards

Under Construction

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