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Nutrigenomic Health Coaching

We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to struggle with food choices, skipping from one fad diet to the next. Work with a Gene Food health coach to create a diet that works for your unique genetic makeup.

It’s no secret, there is an epidemic of chronic disease in the United States right now, and while not all of the illnesses plaguing Americans come back to food choices, many do. The Standard American Diet gets all the blame, but there are people trying to do everything right and still struggling to creating a diet that works for them. That’s where Gene Food comes in. While it is not a magic cure all, our nutrition algorithm is designed to help people find a foundational diet that works for them. Our health coaching program takes our Custom Nutrition process a step further by allowing customers to work directly with our founder, John O’Connor, to better implement the information contained in the nutrition plans.

How We Can Help

Heart Healthy Diets

Implement a heart healthy diet to complement the work of your physician.

Supplement Review

What supplements are you taking and why?

Mind Body Connection

Craft a lifestyle to better manage stress.

Foundational Nutrition

Simple food rulesto follow.

Health Advocacy

Conversations to have with your doctor.

Movement and Sleep

Take charge of exercise and sleep hygiene.

Common questions

How long does the health coaching program last?

As long as we are needed, but there are no minimums or contracts. We offer health coaching on an hourly basis at a rate of $175 per hour. Many clients find a one hour consultation helps answer questions they’ve been struggling with, and that is all they need. Others schedule follow-up appointments after they have had a chance to discuss our diet and lifestyle recommendations with their doctors.

How many slots are available?

At present, we have availability for a limited number of clients. We also don’t take on every client that contacts us. Why? Because we want to be sure we can help before taking on a new coaching client. If we bill you for a health coaching appointment and determine we can’t offer the help you’re looking for, we will promptly issue a refund.

What is the cost?

We currently charge $175 per hour for health coaching services.

What should I do before signing up?

Since we base nutrition recommendations in part based on genetics, we usually require health coaching clients to have signed up for one of our custom nutrition plan products, either by using existing 23andme or Ancestry raw data or by ordering a DNA diet test kit through our lab in San Diego, CA.

Is Gene Food a medical office?

No, we are not. Gene Food offers health coaching services. We cannot treat or diagnose illness and we cannot bill  insurance. What we can do is offer nutrition counseling, lifestyle intervention, and conversations to have with your doctor to help improve your health.

Start Your Health Journey Today

Please use the form below to tell us about your goals with the health coaching program.

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