Savvy Rest Organic Latex Soap-Shaped Pillow

Eco-friendly natural latex pillow ideal for smaller side sleepers, back sleepers, and some stomach sleepers.

  • Made with organic Dunlop latex in an organic cotton casing
  • Dunlop latex is sourced from rubber tree farms that are certified organic
  • Company supports a variety of philanthropic causes
  • Organic Dunlop latex and organic cotton
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Certified organic, GOTS, GOLS, B Corporation, Greenguard

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Product overview

Savvy Rest offer a range of natural latex pillows including their Organic Latex Soap-Shaped Pillow. This pillow is made with organic Dunlop latex and comes in an organic cotton casing. It is the lowest profile latex pillow offered by Savvy Rest (at about 5”) and may work for some stomach sleepers and side sleepers with small shoulders who need support with a little give. The Organic Textiles Slim Latex Pillow is a lot lower, however, at just 3.25” high, while their standard pillows measure 5” high.

This Savvy Rest pillow is not a stuffed, shredded latex pillow. Instead, it is made with formed Dunlop latex, making it a little firmer than their Talalay pillow, Rawganique’s stuffed shredded latex pillows and quite a bit firmer than the Avocado latex and kapok stuffed pillow. The soap-shaped pillows are available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes as follows:

Standard: Length 24″, Width 16″

Queen: Length 28″, Width 18″

King: Length 34″, Width 16″.

Dunlop is a durable, supportive type of latex. Savvy Rest source their Dunlop latex from rubber tree farms certified organic to U.S. standards. This latex also meets the Global Organic Latex standard (GOLS).

The soap-shaped pillow comes in a removable organic cotton flannel pillowcase which can be handwashed in cold water and dried on the line.

Savvy Rest do not accept returns on pillows, claiming that this would require them to spray their products with chemicals, so they could resell them. Some other companies donate returned products, so it’s a shame Savvy Rest don’t have a similar policy. That said, Savvy Rest do donate new pillows through their Safe Sleep Pillows Program. This program works to donate new pillows for women and children who arrive at domestic violence shelters across the US. When the new arrivals at these emergency shelters move on to find more permanent housing, they can take their new Savvy Rest pillow with them.

Savvy Rest are also employee owned (as of 2012), meaning that staff are more invested in the company’s growth and in customer satisfaction. Employee owned companies tend to create a better experience for employees and for customers.

Savvy Rest use certified organic cotton for their pillow cases. This cotton is free from pesticides, herbicides, and toxic finishing chemicals, as certified by GOTS. They are also a certified B Corporation, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and good working conditions, and they donate a portion of profits to American Forests, the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the US, which helps help restore and maintain threatened forest ecosystems across the country and around the globe. Savvy Rest is also a member of the Carbon Fund, through which they support reforestation along the Mississippi River, a vital habitat for migratory birds. Reforestation is a key part of efforts to mitigate climate change.

Savvy Rest Organic Latex Soap-Shaped Pillow vs. Organic Textiles vs. Rawganique

The Savvy Rest Soap-Shaped Latex Pillow is a good option for stomach sleepers looking for a low-loft latex pillow as well as for some smaller side or back sleepers. The other latex pillows from Savvy Rest and Rawganique have a higher loft, while Organic Textiles Slim Latex Pillow has a lower loft of just 3.25”!

Both this pillow and the Organic Textiles Slim Latex Pillow are formed, though, while Rawganique’s pillows are filled with shreds, as is Savvy Rest’s Talalay Shredded Pillow. These shredded fill models allow you to remove stuffing to customize the pillow height. Avocado’s Green Pillow (filled with kapok and latex shreds) is also a good option for anyone looking for a customizable latex pillow with a little extra softness.

If you’re a combination sleeper, the Rawganique or Savvy Rest Contour pillows may be the better options, however, as these carry all the same eco-credentials but have a lower profile center. The Dunlop rubber used in this pillow and in Rawganique’s pillows is a heavier, firmer, rubber than the Talalay rubber used in Savvy Rest’s Talalay latex pillows and may have slightly less of a rubber smell and lower allergenicity, although both are excellent choices.

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