Rawganique Wild Kapok Contour Pillow

Pure pillowy comfort with kapok in an organic cotton case

  • Product is 100% sustainable and vegan-friendly
  • Pillows are entirely chemical-free, plant-based, and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites
  • Features a zipper for easy access to remove or add back filling as needed
  • Kapok and organic cotton
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As a small-scale organization, Rawganique carry no formally recognized certifications. Instead, they have been producing quality products for more than 20 years without toxic chemicals, acids, pesticides, PVC, BPA, formaldehyde, dioxins, heavy metals, animal testing, or GMOs.

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Product overview

Rawganique wild-crafted kapok pillows are fantastically soft and comfortable and 100 percent sustainable and vegan-friendly. Kapok is a big tropical tree with seed pods containing fluffy, cotton-like fibers that are as soft as down and ideal for filling pillows. These pillows are chemical-free (because kapok fibers need little to no processing), totally plant-based, soft, resilient, and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

The kapok pillow is encased in organic cotton and is available in Standard, Queen, and King size with Soft, Medium, and Firm options for loft. All of the pillows feature a zipper for easy access to remove or add back filling as needed. We would recommend getting the firm in your chosen size. You can then easily remove filling if you need a lower loft and add back the filling if the pillow loses loft later in life.

The measurements and prices for the pillows are as follows:
Standard 20″x26″: Soft – $71; Medium – $73; Firm – $79
Queen 20″x30″: Soft – $90; Medium – $94; Firm – $100
King 20″x36″: Soft – $107; Medium – $112; Firm – $123

Because the kapok fiber used in these pillows is wild-harvested, it is naturally free from pesticides but isn’t able to be certified organic. These pillows are made in the US using kapok harvested in Thailand or Singapore and are free of sweatshop labor.

The kapok pillow should be used with a washable pillowcase and shouldn’t be washed. Instead, you can eliminate odors (only when necessary) by sprinkling baking soda on the pillow and vacuuming or brushing it away after a couple of hours. Or, you can air out your organic cotton pillow in the sun. To increase pillow loft, this kapok pillow can be put in the dryer with two new tennis balls. Set the dryer on the coolest setting for air only.

Rawganique Wild Kapok Contour Pillow vs. Savvy Rest

Kapok is becoming a popular soft filling for pillows, which means that some companies are adding kapok pillows to their otherwise problematic product ranges. Some contain their kapok pillows in conventionally grown cotton or synthetic fabrics, and few are as committed to sustainable, ethical practices as Rawganique.

The only real competition for Rawganique’s Kapok pillows are Savvy Rest’s Kapok Pillows and Avocado’s combination natural latex and kapok pillows. If you’re particularly concerned about third-party certifications, one of these two companies may be the better option for your kapok pillow.

Savvy Rest are a bigger company and have an impressive record for social enterprise. They are a certified B Corp, carry GOTS and Greenguard certification, are employee-owned and give back through charitable enterprise in the community. Savvy Rest’s pillows are more expensive, however, and do not offer as many options for loft across the three sizes.

Avocado offer combination kapok and natural shredded latex pillows in organic cotton casing. Their pillows are a little smaller than those of Rawganique and Savvy Rest, but they like to overstuff their pillows, meaning you’ll likely have a lot of extra filling to play with. They also offer refill packs, which is convenient! And they’re a committed eco-friendly company who participate in social programs and are Greenguard Gold Certified. Their kapok pillows are also certified vegan, Eco-Institut certified, made in California, and are shipped in a carbon-neutral fashion.

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