Raindrops Shower Head with Filter

Stylish, effective, six-step shower filter

  • The Raindrops six-step filtration system is certified by National Sanitation Foundation as ANSI 42
  • Shower filter does not require tools to install
  • To be fully effective, the water running through this filter media should be at a pH of 6.5 to 8.5
  • Chrome, Organic Coconut Peat Active Carbon, KDF-55, and Calcium Sulfite
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NSF ANSI Standard 42

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Product overview

The Raindrops Shower Head with Filter is a good option if you’re looking for something a little more stylish to match a modern bathroom. The Raindrops six-step filtration system is certified by National Sanitation Foundation as ANSI 42, meaning that it can reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine and taste or odor. This certification may mean that the filter also reduces particulates that can affect the appearance of hair and skin. It is not certified to remove other impurities, however, although the company claims the system can remove heavy metal, fluoride, bacteria, lead, and mercury however, and also help remove copper, iron, and other metals. This may make it a good choice if you’re on a well water system and find that your shower tends to stain blue or red.

Part of the filtration process used in this system is Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF). A KDF filter contains a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that removes chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water through a basic redox reaction (where electrons are exchanged with contaminants). It may also help to control microorganisms in water that is already potable (acceptable for drinking). To be fully effective, the water running through this filter media should be at a pH of 6.5 to 8.5 and at a temperature of 35°F to 212°F.

This shower filter does not require tools to install and is quick and simple to screw on. Once in place, the filter lasts for 12,000 gallons or around 6 months if used by one person. The filter should be replaced every 5 months for a household of 2, 4 months for 3 people and every 3 months for households of 4 people or more. Replacement filters are available here and the company also runs a scheduled replacement program.

The Raindrops filter is 5″ long and fits US national standard 3/4” NPT pipe thread. This listing is for a package containing the Raindrops showerhead, the housing for the filter, and one replenishment KDF filter insert cartridge. If you already have a compatible showerhead, you can purchase the filter and housing separately here.

The Raindrops company haven’t been in business long but have garnered quite a bit of attention, largely because their showerhead is a lot more attractive than most filter showerheads. They appear to have some association with a water charity, but this seems to extend only as far as promoting the charity and asking for donations on their behalf, with no mention of financial support from Raindrops themselves.

Raindrops vs. Culligan, Berkey, Propur and OPUS

If you’re looking mainly for an attractive showerhead that filters chlorine, Raindrops is a good, if expensive, option. The cartridges are also costly and may need replacing rather frequently if you have a larger household showering daily. If you want a more robust showerhead filter, though, the Propur ProMax™ is the clear winner, with NSF 53 and 42 certifications. The Raindrops showerhead is a better option than the Berkey, which carries no certifications as to efficacy, and is comparable to the Culligan in terms of chlorine removal (while being much more attractive). It is rivaled by the OPUS for appearance and has a similar performance, and while the OPUS is a little cheaper than the Raindrops unit, the cartridges work out more expensive in the long run as they need to be changed more often.

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