Natracare Organic All Cotton Tampons

Eco-friendly, organic all-cotton disposable tampons – the best of the best.

  • World's first fully certified organic tampon
  • Made of 100 percent USDA-certified organic cotton
  • Free of synthetic materials
  • 100 percent cotton
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GOTS (certified organic cotton), Soil Association , FDA, Vegetarian Society approved as vegan-friendly.

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Product overview

Natracare are the go-to brand for disposable tampons, pantyliners, and pads. Reliable and easy-to-use these were the world’s first fully certified organic tampon, made of 100 percent USDA-certified organic cotton. They are also free of synthetic materials, like rayon, and chemical additives; non-chlorine bleached; biodegradable; and free from perfume and dyes.

As a company, Natracare has long led the charge for improved regulation around the manufacture or period products. Their environmental and social sustainability record is exemplary, they remain staunchly independent, transparent (through environmental reports and third-party testing), and are committed to animal welfare as one of the few vegan-certified product ranges in this category.

Natracare tampons are available in applicator or non-applicator versions, with regular, super, and super plus absorbencies available. Always use the lowest absorbency for your needs and change your tampon at least every 4-8 hours.

Cardboard applicator versions are available. Top tip: push the tampon just a little out of the applicator before inserting it. The cardboard can be a little reluctant to open sometimes and then springs open quite quickly! Or, use the reusable Dame tampon applicator with the non-applicator Natracare tampons.

No leakage or odor, and comfortable to use, you can throw these tampons in your household compost for collection or put them in a biodegradable bag in the garbage (so they have a better chance of breaking down rather than sitting in landfill for decades).

Natracare tampons (like Organyc and other non-toxic options) are a little more expensive in-store than conventional tampons, so save yourself money by buying in bulk online.

Variety Pack without Applicator: 40-pack Regular, 40-pack Super (80 tampons)

Organic Cotton Tampons, Regular with Applicator: 3 x 16-pack (48 tampons)

Organic Cotton Tampons, Super with Applicator: 3 x 16-pack (48 tampons)

Organic Cotton Tampons, Regular without Applicator: 4 x 20-pack (80 tampons)

Organic Cotton Tampons, Super without Applicator: 3 x 20-pack (80 tampons)

Organic Cotton Tampons, Super Plus without Applicator: 12 x 20-pack (240 tampons)

Natracare vs. Seventh Generation and Organyc

Natracare are hands-down the best brand for reliable, comfortable, and eco-friendly tampons. They are widely available in stores and online, have excellent all-round company politics, remain fiercely independent, unlike Seventh Generation, and are committed to providing products that help support their customers’ health while also advocating for better standards industry-wide. Their only real competition for top spot is Organyc, who also make 100 percent cotton, chlorine-free, plastic-free tampons with and without applicators. Natracare are more widely available in stores, however, have been around for longer, are more transparent about their environmental impact, and are more involved in advocacy, education, and social initiatives.

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