Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Quality cast iron cookware from a trusted American brand.

  • Reputable US business operating since 1896
  • Suitable for use on the stovetop, campfires, barbecues, and oven
  • Will rust if not properly seasoned and cared for
  • Cast iron
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California Prop 65

US FDA certified for Leachability of Lead and Cadmium for Glazed Ceramic Surfaces

Lodge also claim that their silicone products are certified by suppliers to be both BPA(Bisphenol A) and Phthalate free, although they don’t provide a certificate for this.

As some Lodge enamel-coated products are made in China, the company says that they “work with U.S. owned third-party inspection teams to ensure that quality is up to Lodge standards, and that all partner companies comply with all applicable employment laws and regulations”.

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Product overview

Lodge have been making cast iron cookware since 1896, which means they know a thing or two about producing quality products. Their 10.25-inch square Grill Pan is a great option for getting those attractive grill marks while avoiding simmering foods in too much fat. Lodge also have you covered for your other culinary needs as they have a full line of American-made cast iron cookware. From small and large skillets to double Dutch ovens and griddles, Lodge cast iron is versatile, robust and a great investment. Their 8-inch preseasoned cast iron skillet, for instance, features two lips for easy pouring and a handle loop so the pan can be hung for storage (and decoration!). These products also have a lifetime warranty!

The cast iron (and carbon steel) cookware range from Lodge uses cast iron from two foundries on the banks of the Tennessee River in the small town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee. This makes it an attractive choice for U.S. customers wanting to support local business and avoid the environmental toll of importing heavier cookware from farther afield.

Lodge cast iron cookware is suitable for use on the stovetop, campfires, barbecues, and in the oven. It retains heat well and is virtually indestructible. With proper seasoning, Lodge cast iron has a non-stick surface, making it easier to cook low-fat dishes. Pans are typically delivered pre-seasoned from Lodge, to avoid rust in transit. This seasoning can be patchy, though, and you might want to strip down the seasoning and start from scratch.

Some other potential downsides of Lodge cast iron are similar for all cast iron cookware: cast iron is heavy, can leach iron into food (which may be a benefit for some), and will rust if not properly seasoned and cared for.

All in all, if you’re looking for quality cookware that will last you and your family for generations, Lodge cast iron cookware is a great option.

Lodge vs. Le Creuset

Lodge are one of the biggest names in cast iron, and for good reason. They have been around for over a century and craft robust, attractive, and versatile cookware for amateur and ‘seasoned’ chefs alike. As with all cast iron, these products tend to be on the heavier side, compared to carbon steel and other cookware, and it can take a little getting used to cast iron if you’re moving away from Teflon-coated pans. Cast iron cookware can add flavor to food and is a joy to cook with, once you’ve got the hang of it and if you maintain seasoning, and cast iron can last for generations, making it an excellent, eco-friendly choice.

In our leaf score ratings, Lodge gets 5 leaves. How does this stack up against competitors like Le Creuset? Like Lodge, Le Creuset is made of cast iron, but Le Creuset coats its pans in enamel rather than leaving the cast iron exposed as Lodge does. The enamel coating means Le Creuset is not a great solution for searing at high heat. In addition, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, cooking with Lodge products will actually add some iron to your food, which can be a benefit if you’re choosing not to eat meat. All in all, these products are not as much competitors as they are complimentary. If you have the budget, it may make sense to have both in your kitchen.

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