Lena Menstrual Cup

An exciting newcomer making eco-friendly menstrual cups in the U.S.

  • More affordable than other menstrual cups of similarly high quality
  • Offers three different cups to cater to an individual's specific needs
  • Lena cups have a seamless ridge to help with easier insertion and cleaning
  • 100% USA Medical-Grade Silicone and Dyes
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ISO 13485:2012 certified, ISO 9001, FDA registered, FSC (for recycled packaging)

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Product overview

Lena offer reusable menstrual cups in a coral pink shade made with medical grade silicone and dyes, manufactured in the U.S. They are typically more affordable than other menstrual cups of similarly high quality but offer the same 12-hour protection as The Keeper, Diva Cup, and Moon Cup.

Lena offer three cups, the Small for first-time users and those with light to moderate flow, and the Large for those who are more experienced or have heavier flow, plus the Sensitive in small and large sizes. The Sensitive is designed using softer silicone in smaller sizes for those who are smaller, and/or those with sensitive bladders that might be upset by a larger, stiffer menstrual cup.

Lena cups have a seamless ridge, which makes insertion easier than with some other cups (like the Diva Cup). The slanted suction holes in the cup are also easier to clean than many other menstrual cups, and help create a good seal to minimize leak potential. That said, some users find that because this cup is stiffer than most, it can be easy to insert by hard, even painful, to remove. And, because of its coral pink shade, the Lena cup can begin to look rather darkly discolored quite quickly.

Lena may be newer to the scene than Diva Cup and co., but they are just as committed to environmental stewardship. They use 100 percent recycled packaging that is chlorine-free and printed using vegetable-based inks. The company also participates in donation programs and other social initiatives.

Lena Cup vs. Diva Cup, Lunette and the Keeper

Lena is an excellent addition to the menstrual cup market and is comparable to the other high quality brands such as Diva Cup, Moon Cup, Lunette, and The Keeper. Lena do, however, offer the Sensitive cup (perhaps the smallest menstrual cup available!), offer something other than the regular clear silicone cup, and manufacture their cups in the U.S.

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