Le Creuset

Very attractive, collectable, high-quality, high-cost, enamel coated cookware.

  • Diverse range of colors and styles
  • Lifetime warranty offered through the company
  • Proposensity to burning, sticking and discoloration if used on high heat
  • Enamel-coated cast iron or stainless steel.
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Unlike many other cookware companies, Le Creuset offer no eco-certifications and instead trade on their strong reputation and history.

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Product overview

Le Creuset cast iron enamel cookware is a classic kitchen item, featured in many a magazine spread thanks to the diverse range of colors and styles. If you have the budget and are in the market for a matching set of pots, pans, and bakeware, Le Creuset offers a great non-toxic cookware option.

Le Creuset have been making quality enamel coated cast iron cookware in France since 1925. Every piece is unique and checked by master craftsmen to ensure quality. They offer a lifetime warranty, although the company is known to request that customers ship the products back to France for inspection and may not offer a replacement or discount depending on what they find.

Because Le Creuset pots and pans are comprised of cast iron coated with enamel, they retain heat well, and can be used on the stovetop and in the oven. Just avoid sudden temperature changes as this can damage the enamel. As the inside coating is enamel and, therefore, non-reactive, these pots are ideal for more acidic foods, including sauces and vinegar reductions that would discolor stainless steel or leach metal from cast iron and carbon steel.

Some downsides of Le Creuset include a propensity to burning, sticking, and discoloration if the pots and pans are used on high heat. These pans are not to be used for searing meat or on a high heat setting for any other purpose. Instead, use a low to medium heat setting and avoid using metal cooking utensils. Preheat slowly to prevent damage and avoid using metal utensils which can scratch the enamel.

Le Creuset cookware is typically dishwasher safe, but it’s still best to handwash items, especially if there are any chips or cracks in the enamel. The easiest way to keep these pots and pans clean is to add a little hot water to the pan when you’re done cooking and let them soak while you eat. Any food residues should come off easily.

The Le Creuset range has expanded in recent years to include enamel coated steel and non-stick stoneware. The original enamel coated cast iron remains the best of the brand’s offerings, with many items lasting for multiple generations.

Some of their products include: 7.25 qt Dutch oven, 5.5 qt dutch oven, 12x9in rectangular dish, 11.75in skillet, saucepan, 8qt stockpot, 16-piece set

Le Creuset vs. Xtrema Cookware

With knowledge, care, and a little luck, Le Creuset cookware could last a lifetime, but chips in the enamel can compromise the look and use of the products and they are a high-cost item out of reach for most households.

Xtrema are a less expensive, durable, alternative that are also attractive and arguably easier to care for and use. That said, Le Creuset can be used on induction stovetops, unlike Xtrema, and their construction quality does mean that they typically last much longer than most cookware, making them a good investment and an excellent item for gift registries!

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