Kenmore Elite 95073 range

An excellent eco-friendly, non-toxic ceramic cookware range.

  • Features a convection mode
  • Variable Self Clean feature
  • No bridge element
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Product overview


The Kenmore Elite has a power boost option for each of the elements, with the wattages as follows:

6-inch back burner: 1450 W / 1900 W

5-inch back burner: 800 W / 1000 W

8-inch front burner: 2800 W / 3400 W

10-inch front burner: 2600 W / 4100 W

Plus, a ‘warm zone’ between the back two elements with a wattage of 120 W to help keep your chocolate sauce melted without burning.

Voltage 220/240V

Main Oven Broiler Wattage 4000

Minimum Circuit Rating 40 amps

Main Oven Bake Element Wattage 3500

Main Oven Convection Element Wattage 350

Total Connected Load 16.4/12


The Kenmore Elite 95073 range is another excellent choice for a combination electric oven and induction stovetop. This standard 30-inch wide, 6.1 cu freestanding induction smoothtop range has 4 surface cooking elements, including 2 high-powered elements, as well as a warming element. The elements have a useful power boost option which helps to quickly crisp up grilled cheese or sear meat.

As for the oven, it features a convection mode for faster, consistent cooking and baking and has a very handy Variable Self Clean feature that lets you choose the cleaning time from 2 to 4 hours. We like this because it allows you to save time and energy if the oven just needs a quick rather than a full clean. There are at least 5 rack positions in the main oven, and the racks are porcelain-coated for easier cleaning. This model also has a warming drawer and the all-important control lockout to help with safety if you have a family or young children around. We also like that this one has its controls at the back of the stove, making it even harder for accidents to happen.

Kenmore Elite vs. GE Profile Range

The Kenmore Elite 95073 induction range is around half the price of the GE Profile PHS930SLSS range, performs just as well, has excellent user reviews, and is even a little bit bigger with a 6.1 cubic unit capacity versus the Profile’s 5.3 cu. This range is only available in stainless steel, however, unlike the GE Profile range.

The GE Profile range also has a “steam clean” cycle option intended for light cleaning, a bridge element (helpful for rectangular pans), and a temperature probe, none of which are features for the Kenmore Elite. And, as far as we can tell, the Kenmore Elite is not Prop 65 certified, nor ADA or Star-K compliant.

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