Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforters

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free wool comforters

  • EcoWool often exceeds the requirements for organic certification
  • Hand tufted across the middle and hand-stitched to the edge to prevent batting and shifting
  • Products are made in a scent-free and chemical-free facility
  • EcoWool (or organic wool) and organic cotton
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Global Organic Textile Standard (Holy Lamb Organics’ facility is GOTS Certified), Green America – Gold Certified Business since 2007, IOAS certified (cotton), Eco Wool, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified (their latex products), UC Davis Toxicology Lab Tested, California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory, Element Materials Technology Tested

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Product overview

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforters are a top choice for an all-season duvet that is eco-friendly and luxurious, without breaking the bank. They offer their comforters in a variety of sizes and weights, including a rare and exciting dual-weight option that is ideal if you sleep cold and your partner sleeps hot, or vice versa. (Note: The dual-weight comforter may be higher on one side than the other, depending on which options you choose.)

Here are some of the Holy Lamb Organics comforter options with the typical price:

  • Holy Lamb Eco-Wool & Organic Cotton Comforter in Cool Comfort – $375.00
  • Holy Lamb Eco-Wool & Organic Cotton Comforter in Perfect Comfort – $400.00
  • Holy Lamb Eco-Wool & Organic Cotton Comforter in Extra Warmth – $465.00
  • Holy Lamb All-Season Organic Cotton & Eco-Wool Comforter – $740.00
  • Holy Lamb Organic Cotton & Eco-Wool Dual-Weight Comforter – price variable depending on warmth choice.

If you tend to be cold, choose Extra Warmth; if hot, choose Cool Comfort; and if you’re usually fine, choose Perfect Comfort. Holy Lamb also offer a Crib Comforter made with EcoWool and encased in GOTS certified organic cotton with a 300 thread-count.

Holy Lamb also offer an All-Season Comforter in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. This comforter actually comprises two comforters snapped together and is ideal for anyone living somewhere where the temperature changes dramatically between seasons. In hotter weather, use just one of the comforters. When the weather turns cool, snap the comforters back together for extra coziness.

The Holy Lamb comforters are high quality as they are hand tufted across the middle and hand-stitched to the edge to prevent the wool batting from shifting. This also means these comforters can be washed without fear of the wool clumping. The wool used in these comforters goes through a rigorous mixing and scouring process to get any vegetable matter down to the barest trace. Their products are made in a scent-free and chemical-free facility, making them a great choice if you have allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. And, as with all wool products, these comforters help with heat regulation, are resistant to dust mites and are naturally flame retardant.

Holy Lamb specialize in products made using organic cotton fabrics and local Premium Eco-Wool™, which is sourced from small, local, sustainable farms in the Pacific Northwest. They use EcoWool in their products instead of down because “sheep grow a coat of wool each year and are not harmed during the shearing process”.

EcoWool is not certified organic, but often exceeds the requirements for organic certification. The company pays a fair price for the wool to local farmers dedicated to using healthy and sustainable farming practices for people, land, and non-human animals. This wool is then carded and washed to produce dust-free wool. It is not processed with carbonization or bleach, nor are sheep ‘dipped’. The wool is medium-fine, giving good loft without itchiness.

Due to demand for organic wool, the company has begun using some organic (GOTS) imported wool from New Zealand. They give consumers the choice between the two or a mix of both but note that the single origin wool from New Zealand does not have the same resilience or bounce as Premium Eco Wool which is a blend of seven types of wool with varying degrees of coarseness.

Holy Lamb Organics make eco-friendly bedding products by hand at their zero-waste facility in Olympia, Washington. They have been in business since 2000 and are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, which includes minimizing their ecological footprint at every step. They create their products in a chemical and scent-free facility, employ green building practices, and use plastic-free packaging as well as recycled paper products and office supplies. They also reuse or recycle all of their production by-products, including employing local artisans to create accessories and toys from scrap materials.

Their products do not contain dyes, chemicals or synthetic fills. Their products are GOTS certified and their facilities and products have been inspected by Oregon Tilth and have exceeded all of the requirements for Certified Organic Products. The company has been a Green America Gold Certified Business since 2007 and only use cotton certified by IOAS. They are also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified and all of the wool used in their products is tested for heavy metals through fiber sample analysis at UC Davis, California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory.

Holy Lamb vs. Savvy Rest Comforters

This is an excellent all-season wool comforter available in a variety of sizes, made with sustainably sourced wool produced using ethical farming practices. Despite not being certified organic, the wool used in these comforters likely exceeds organic standards and is better quality, in addition to supporting US farmers. If you’re looking for a locally made, eco-friendly, durable and delightful wool comforter, Holy Lamb have you covered. With their copious green credentials they easily beat out Rawganique and Savvy Rest, as well as the other contenders in this category.

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