GE PHP9030DJBB Profile 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

An excellent high-end, stylish induction cooktop.

  • SyncBurners option allows control of two 7" elements simultaneously for large cookware
  • Pan size sensor automatically allows the proper element size to be used
  • Red LED lights may mar the aesthetic for some
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ADA compliant

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240V 7.4

208V 6.4

240V 40 Amps

208V 40 Amps

Element – Left Front: 7″ 2,500 W

Element – Left Rear: 7″ 2,500 W

Element – Right Front: 11″ 3,700 W

Element – Right Rear: 6″ 1,800 W


The GE Profile 30” induction cooktop is an excellent high-end and stylish choice for any modern kitchen. Featuring 4 elements, with the SyncBurners option to control two 7″ elements simultaneously to evenly heat large cookware, the GE Profile is a close rival to the Bosch 800 series for top place in this category.

The GE Profile features an 11″ 3700W element that enables you to rapidly boil water (the Bosch 800 has two of these, and the Smeg has a 4000W bridge zone), and also features a Melt setting, so you never burn your chocolate sauce again. Like the Bosch 800, the GE Profile generally uses white LED lights for the display, but some settings use red LED lights, which might mar the aesthetic for some customers.

Other features include Pan Presence Sensor, Pan size sensor (similar to the Bosch AutoSizing® function), and Glide Touch Controls so you can easily and precisely raise or lower heat in an instant. This model includes the aforementioned large 11″ 3700W element, two 7” 2500W elements (which can be turned into an extended cooking area), and a 6” 1800W element.

The GE Profile is ADA Compliant but not Star-K certified, and is also available in black with a stainless steel frame.

GE Profile vs. Bosch 800 and Smeg SIMU530B

The GE Profile is very similar to the Bosch 800 and Smeg SIMU530B in terms of quality, style, and function, but has a higher energy output despite having just one 3700W element. Of course, the real energy cost depends on how you use the induction stovetop, and energy usage for these types of cooking appliance are very low to start with. So, all in all, there’s not a lot to choose between the Bosch 800 and GE Profile and it may simply be a matter of price, availability, and aesthetics (those red lights on the GE Profile might be a dealbreaker for some!). Overall, the Smeg model remains the most eco-friendly choice due to the company’s environmental track record and adherence to EU safety standards, including those related to hazardous chemicals.

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