GE Monogram ZHU36RDJBB 36” Induction Stovetop

A stylish high-performance 36” induction stovetop.

  • Features a total of 19 different cooking settings
  • Safety-oriented 'all-off' function allows for everything to be disabled at once
  • On the larger side of things, which may be inconvenient for some
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ADA Compliant, UL

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Volts: 240 Volts

Minimum Volts: 208 Volts

Amps: 50 Amps

KW Rating at 240 Volts: 11.1

KW Rating at 208 Volts: 9.6

Electrical Rating 11,100W at 240V/60Hz and 9,600W at 208V/60Hz

Element – Left Front 7″ 2500W

Element – Left Rear 7″ 2500W

Element – Right Front 8″ 3200W

Element – Right Rear 6″ 1800W

Element – Center 11″ 3700W


The GE Monogram ZHU36RDJBB is a 36-inch induction stovetop that offers style, high-performance, and reliability as well as plenty of space for cooking up a huge feast. This model features 19 cooking settings and a very handy ‘Melt’ mode, so you never burn your chocolate sauce again. It also comes with a stainless steel griddle pan, which bridges two elements for easy cooking, and has a useful ‘all-off function so you can guarantee safety. And, for anyone wanting a change from the standard black induction top, the GE Monogram also comes in silver.

Other features include Pan Presence Sensor, Pan size sensor, and SyncBurners, so you can control two 7″ elements simultaneously to evenly heat large cookware or the included griddle. The 3700 Watt, 11″ element is the most powerful induction element currently available and provides instantaneous heat to bring water to a rapid boil or get a quick sear or crisp.

Glide Touch Controls make it easy to precisely raise or lower heat in an instant. This model includes the aforementioned large central 11″ 3700W element, two 7″ 2500W elements on the left (which can be turned into an extended cooking area), and 8″ 3200W and 6” 1800W elements on the right. All of these elements can be controlled simultaneously with the Multi-Element Timer.

The GE Monogram also comes with the option of a temperature probe that wirelessly controls the temperature of your food. So, if you’re experimenting with sous vide or slow cooking, or need precise temperature control for making candy or other foodstuffs, this high-end model has you covered.

GE Monogram vs. Bosch Benchmark 36"

If you’re in the market for a larger 36” induction stovetop, the GE Monogram is an excellent option, marrying style and performance. While similar to the Bosch Benchmark 36” in almost every regard, the GE Monogram offers the option of a silver glass finish instead of the typical black top. However, the Bosch Benchmark has the two FlexInduction cooking spaces and their innovative PowerMove technology, allowing you to change the power level simply by moving your cookware to one of three preset power zones. Overall, though, the Smeg SIMU536B is the best of the best for the 36-inch induction top, both in terms of eco-friendliness and performance, with solid engineering and stylish design, not to mention the over 11” central element with a 5000W output.

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