GE Cafe CT9070SHSS French Door single wall oven

An energy-efficient, well-insulated, high-performance wall oven with a unique aesthetic.

  • Wireless Control with WiFi Connect
  • Glass touch control panel that offers a variety of different settings
  • Should not be mounted under a countertop or cooktop
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Star-K certified

Country of origin
70 to 90 percent U.S. Content
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Product overview


Amp Rating at 208V 20

Amp Rating at 240V 20

Bake Wattage 2850

Broiler Wattage 4300

Convection Wattage 2400

KW Rating at 208V 3.4

KW Rating at 240V 4.5


The GE T9070SHSS French Door 5 cu, 30-inch, single electric wall oven is a high-end, high-performing, and attractive built-in oven offering European Convection Cooking Capacity, a Self-clean With Steam Clean Option, Wireless Control with WIFI Connect, and a double French door that makes it easy to check on food and remove heavier items without having to lean over or around a hot door. The French door system is easy to open with just one hand: open one door and the other opens too!

The quality of construction is obvious with this model. Stainless steel and glass make for robust construction, with a well-geared door system ensuring an excellent seal. And, while the knobs are plastic, they don’t feel flimsy at all and look good. One other excellent feature of this wall oven is the effective forward interior light which allows you to get a great view of your food cooking. The oven also has a smart feature that tightly regulates temperature in convection mode, so you don’t have to do any conversions when following a recipe.

The GE features a glass touch control panel and a dial for oven mode and other settings, of which there are many to choose. This model has a bread proofing mode, demonstrating the oven’s ability to maintain precise temperatures even at the low end. Indeed, the convection system combines a hidden bake element in the floor with two additional elements and two fans, allowing you to select the right combination to meet your cooking needs. There’s also an in-built temperature probe and you can program the oven using an intuitive smartphone app. The GE has a certified Sabbath mode, Control Lock for safety, and miswire detection.

The steam-clean option also means you can save time and energy when the oven just needs a quick clean, but the self-clean mode also means the GE has excellent insulation, making it energy efficient and safe (no part of the exterior gets excessively hot, even during Self-Clean mode, which suggests that the oven’s wiring isn’t at risk of frying). If you do use the self-cleaning function, there’s no need to remove the 3 heavy-duty racks as these are enamel coated and smooth glide thanks to heat-proof graphite. This model offers 6 rack positions and 1 full extension option.

The one downside to this wall oven is that it shouldn’t be mounted under a countertop of cooktop, nor flush to the surface of the cabinet, for safety reasons. It can be installed above a warming drawer, though, and above or below a microwave oven. It’s also a good idea, as with any new oven, to read the manual and properly calibrate the temperature. This model seems to be about 5-10 degrees hotter than the readout for most customers. And, it’s also recommended to run the self-cleaning mode for 2 hours before first using this oven to burn-off any factory residues.

GE Café vs. Smeg SOU330X1

The GE Café French Door Single Wall Oven offers a whopping 5 cu ft. of oven space, outdoing almost every other single wall oven available, including the Smeg SOU330X1. GE also offer a double oven in the same style, in case you need even more space.

Teeming with features, the GE Café is only beaten out by the Smeg SOU330X1 model for top place in the wall oven category, because Smeg is a company with a serious commitment to environmental sustainability and adherence to a range of European health and safety standards that is sadly lacking in their U.S. competitors.

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