De Buyer Carbon Steel Frying pan

The perfect carbon steel frying pan.

  • Affordable option
  • Excellent heat distribution for easy grilling, searing, and browning
  • Tends to lose its seasoning more easily than cast iron
  • Carbon Steel – white iron
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De Buyer don’t currently carry any specific eco-certifications, but their 2018 catalog notes that they are “guided by a responsible social policy and [are] committed to the efforts to obtain the ISO 26000 standard”. ISO 26000 is an international standard covering human resources, the environment, responsible purchasing, sustainable products and territorial involvement. It is a voluntary standard and demonstrates a commitment to the pursuit of overall performance in harmony with all human, environmental and economic aspects.

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Product overview

Hands down, De Buyer are the go-to for high quality non-toxic cookware. They make beautiful, robust, hard-wearing carbon steel frying pans and a range of other quality kitchen items that are inexpensive, long-lasting, and easy to use (once you get the hang of basic cleaning and seasoning principles).

This Carbon Steel De Buyer 12.5” frying pan will only set you back around $55, and the white iron construction makes for excellent heat distribution for easy grilling, searing, and browning of foods on the stovetop (including induction), camping stove, barbecue, or in the oven. The sturdy rivets help make sure that handle is going nowhere, but in case something does happen, the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

The de Buyer family has been making cookware in the French town of Val-d’Ajol since 1830, so they know their way around a good pan. Still family-owned, the company continues to make robust, attractive cookware in the classic French shapes and materials traditionally used in professional kitchens.

As with all carbon steel, the De Buyer cookware is lighter than cast iron but heavier than stainless steel or ceramic. It tends to lose its seasoning more easily than cast iron, but also puts on seasoning faster.

De Buyer also offer a Mineral-B range of carbon steel cookware which is coated with organic beeswax to season the pan. While this certainly helps prevent rust forming on the cookware before it reaches the consumer, it may be helpful to strip down the beeswax and season from scratch.

De Buyer vs. Lodge Cast Iron Skillets

De Buyer are the go-to company for carbon steel, having been in the business for almost two centuries. Their products are still made in France using traditional techniques, but are surprisingly affordable, especially once you consider that a pan will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

For anyone wanting the benefits of cast iron without the weight, carbon steel is an excellent choice for non-toxic, eco-friendly cookware. Carbon steel skillets are also a great option for cooks who like to flip and toss foods as they have sloped sides, unlike cast iron pans.

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