Popular product not backed by certifications

  • Filters last for up to a year (or 20,000 gallons)
  • Berkey shower head does not carry NSF certifications
  • Berkey products have not held up well in independent testing
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Product overview

The Berkey KDSF-HEAD is made by the same folks who make the popular countertop gravity water filters, so you would expect this one to be high quality. Sadly, the Berkey showerhead does not carry NSF certifications, but it uses a similar filter media (KDSF) as other products that do.

The shower filter system is a little different to the regular water filter as it comprises a calcium, copper, and zinc blend that causes a chemical reaction whereby residual chlorine is turned into a larger chloride molecule that can’t be absorbed by the skin. Berkey claim that the system reduces up to 95% of chlorine, as well as reducing hydrogen sulfide, limescale, mold, algae, bacteria, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, and iron, but as it’s not been certified you’ll have to go on faith if you choose this one and the other Berkey products have not held up well in independent testing.

The Berkey shower head is also not quite so stylish as the countertop models, but it does have mist, spray, and massage settings. You can also just buy the filter and use it with the shower head you already have in place.

The major advantage for the Berkey shower filter is that the filters last for up to a year (or 20,000 gallons). And, this system has a back-flow attachment you can use to flush out the filter to get rid of sediment build-up for a long filter life.

Berkey vs. Culligan, Propur and Others

Given that Berkey continue to ignore calls to get their products NSF certified (which may imply that they wouldn’t meet the stringent testing criteria), we would recommend the Culligan, ProPur, Raindrops, or even the OPUS over the Berkey showerhead filter. The only reasons it is included here are because of the popularity of the company’s products, the hope that some day soon the company will get its products certified, and the fact that Berkey claim their filters last as long as they do and aren’t encased in plastic.

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