Beka Cookware Vita

Eco-friendly, non-stick, ceramic coated stainless-steel cookware

  • Tri-ply stainless steel with ceramic coating enables excellent heat conduction
  • Ergonomically designed with easy to grip handles
  • Company does manufacture other products with PTFE
  • Stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel tri-ply with ceramic non-stick coating.
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Country of origin
Manufactured in China (the company’s head office is in Belgium).
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Product overview

Beka offer tri-ply stainless steel and aluminum cookware options with a non-stick ceramic coating. This combination enables excellent heat conduction and heat distribution and the pans are both dishwasher safe and able to be used on induction stovetops. Because these are not pure ceramic pots and pans, you can easily sear a steak or get good browning on other fried foods.

Beka’s pans are ergonomically designed with easy to grip handle in stainless steel. Details are lacking for the use of Beka pans, but they appear to only be oven-safe up to around 350 F. Beka’s Chef Eco-logic 100-Percent range and Vita range typically feature their non-stick Bekadur Ceramica coating, which comes with a 3-year guarantee. The Bekadura Ceramica non-stick coating is completely PFOA- and PTFE-free, and the Chef Eco-logic 100-Percent range is energy efficient, great for cooking with high or low heat, and requires less oil for cooking.

Although their head office is in Belgium, Beka pans are manufactured in China. Unlike GreenPan, they don’t claim to own the factory, so it’s not clear if good manufacturing practices are being used when Beka pans are made. The company also manufactures products with PTFE, so their eco-friendly credentials aren’t comprehensive.

Beka offer a limited 10-year warranty that means it will repair or replace free of charge any item found to be defective due to faulty materials and/or manufacture, during normal household use. The non-stick coating also comes with a 3-year warranty, provided it is used as per the use and care instructions.

Products in this line include as well:

Beka Fluo Non-Stick Bekadur Ceramic Aluminum Fry Pan – 8 Inch

Beka Fluo Non-Stick Bekadur Ceramic Aluminum Fry Pan – 9.5 Inch

Beka Cookware vs. GreenPan and Zwilling

Beka tri-ply ceramic-coated pots and pans are a great non-toxic, eco-friendly cookware option, especially if you have an induction stove and are looking to spend a lot less than you would on Zwilling cookware. That said, GreenPan are even cheaper and show a greater commitment to environmentally-friendly business practices, although only their Venice Pro series works with induction stovetops.

All in all, Beka tri-ply Chef Eco-Logic 100-Percent range is an excellent choice for metal-ceramic-based non-toxic cookware.

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