Create a non-toxic home

Are you concerned about toxic ingredients in household items? We are too, which is why we created ecoHome, a directory of the best eco-friendly products on the market rated using our proprietary leaf score.

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Non-toxic kitchen

The ingredients we use to cook and store food have an impact on our health as well as the health of the environment. Below, we offer our suggestions for creating a green kitchen.

Non-toxic bedroom

We spend one third of our lives sleeping; it's important to make sure the room we spend that time in is free of toxins.

Non-toxic bathroom

From menstrual products, to deodorant, to toothpaste, there is a wide disparity in the ingredients of the bath products we use on a daily basis. Learn how to source healthy toiletries for you and your family.

Non-toxic workout

Exercise is an important part of any health regimen, but the workout gear we use is often made with questionable synthetic ingredients. Below, we offer the best in nontoxic workout gear
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