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Enough Guessing – Let’s Get This Nutrition Thing Figured Out

The Gene Food genetic test kits have arrived. Our lab is HIPAA compliant, CLIA certified and uses the latest technology to ensure accurate results. We use genetic data to categorize customers into one of twenty DNA diet types. Where will you fit?

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Already have your 23andme or Ancestry data?

How it Works

1. Order

Order your DNA test kit. You will receive the test kit in the mail. We use the Global Screening Array manufactured by Illumina to ensure your DNA analysis is accurate.

2. Sample

Provide a saliva sample and send back to our CLIA certified, HIPPA compliant genetics lab in San Diego.

3. Discover

Your full report and nutrition plan arrives via email when the results are ready.

Get Started

What’s Included

Saliva collection kit

We get the genetic information we need to assign you to your DNA diet type by collecting a small, one-time saliva sample. This kit has everything you need to provide that sample from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll never have to provide another.

Saliva collection materials

The kit provides simple tools for collecting a saliva sample, packaging and then sending to our lab for results.

What's Included in the Results

Macronutrient recommendations
Learn what ratio of fat to carbs to protein best suits you
Blood sugar analysis
What types of carbohydrate can your body handle?
Should I eat plant based?
What percentage of protein should come from plants?
Protein metabolism
How does your body react to dairy, histamine and plant proteins?
Methylation strength
How strong are your methylation genes?
All about fat
Whether you can handle butter in your coffee, fat metabolism, HDL:LDL ratio and more
Do you need supplements?
Learn the micronutrients to consider adding to your diet.
Understand your detox genes
Estimate how well your body clears environmental toxins.
2 Week Meal Plan
Each diet type comes with a 2 week meal plan to get you started

Real success stories

We designed the Custom Nutrition Plan product as a foundational tool our customers can use for a lifetime. The feedback from those who have gone “all in” and reshaped their diets has been powerful. We are consistently seeing exciting transformation stories as people begin to align their diets with their DNA.

Read Case Studies

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See what others are saying

Gene Food Custom Nutrition Plans have been getting rave reviews and we committed to improving the product as the science progresses.

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"Since eating according to the plan you provided I have felt so much better, less inflamed and finally starting to lose weight!"


Hunter Gatherer

"I'm very impressed with the content in my report. It confirms much of what I have figured out from experimenting with different diets, but it's great to have the science behind it all."

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Not Sure What to Eat?

Let your DNA decide. The Gene Food custom nutrition plan is a foundational tool for crafting a personalized diet that works for you, not for someone else.

  • Data is kept 100% confidential and secure
  • Learn your ideal diet type
  • Designed by Dr. Aaron Gardner, BSc, MRes, PhD
  • Heart healthy diet, LDL genes, blood sugar, dairy and much more


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