Do plant based diets help us live longer? Separating fact from fiction

Updated November 19th, 2017  A big part of the reason I became involved with Gene Food was to help people understand that nutrition advice isn’t one size fits all. What works for some, won’t work for others. And yet, every food guru out there believes their diet is the best. The Vegan camp, in documentaries… Read More

Cystic Fibrosis Pancreas Nutrition

Cystic fibrosis, nutrition and choline

We’re going to have a bit of  change of tack with topics and rather than talk about how polymorphisms can affect otherwise healthy people; I’ll instead talk about how polymorphisms can impact on people with already existing diseases. This also gives me a chance to talk about the research that initially got me interested in… Read More

Dental Amalgam Fillings Genetics Mercury

Why I removed my dental amalgams

Updated December 27th, 2016 Should you have dental amalgams removed? Will doing so expose you to more mercury than if you were to leave the fillings in place? Are dental amalgams “safe,” as many dentists claim? In this post, I share my experience with getting 3 dental amalgams removed, as well as current research on… Read More

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