Probiotics aren’t the only way to restore healthy gut bacteria

Updated October 17th, 2017 Ahh, the microbiome. That mystery world of gut bacteria that helps us do everything from digest food, to regulate mood. We’ve all read about its importance, and some of us have even had the DNA of the little critters colonizing our guts sequenced with services like uBiome. However, we’re just scratching… Read More

iPhone addiction is real and it’s bad for your health

A few weeks back, an episode of 60 minutes documented just how anxious people become when they’re separated from their phones. In one experiment, Anderson Cooper’s cortisol levels spiked when his phone vibrated a few feet away and he couldn’t check it. Maybe you can relate? I know I can. Most of us are addicted… Read More

Can telomeres predict lifespan?

Is the telomere theory of aging valid? We will explore, but first some necessary background. Our body is made up of roughly 30 trillion cells which create a diverse range of tissues and organs. Within almost every cell is a structure known as the nucleus which contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each of these chromosomes… Read More

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