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Epigenetics and Lifestyle - Page 7

Dental Amalgam Fillings Genetics Mercury
December 12, 2016

Why I removed my dental amalgams

Should you have dental amalgams removed? Will doing so expose you to more mercury than if you were to leave the fillings in place? Are dental amalgams “safe,” as many… Read More

What is methylation
December 12, 2016

Telomeres 101: What They are and Why They are Important

Does the length of your telomeres determine the length of your life? We will explore, but first some necessary background. Our body is made up of roughly 30 trillion cells… Read More

Heart Health Cholesterol Genetics
December 1, 2016

If it’s not cholesterol, what causes heart disease?

You may have heard a lot recently about the changing recommendations relating to dietary intake of cholesterol. Identifying the cause of increasing levels of obesity, diabetes and heart disease has… Read More

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