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John O'Connor's Latest Articles - Page 5

October 11, 2017

Probiotics aren’t the only way to restore healthy gut bacteria

Ahh, the microbiome. That mystery world of gut bacteria that helps us do everything from digest food, to regulate mood. We’ve all read about its importance, and some of us… Read More

September 28, 2017

iPhone Addiction is Real and it’s Bad for Your Health

A few years ago now, an episode of 60 minutes documented just how anxious people become when they’re separated from their phones. In one experiment, Anderson Cooper’s cortisol levels spiked… Read More

PQQ Supplements Experience
September 5, 2017

I took 10mg of PQQ: here’s what happened

Part of my job here at Gene Food is playing guinea pig with new supplements. As I’d yet to try the much heralded pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), I figured it was past… Read More

August 29, 2017

The Best Fish Oil Supplements for 2021

The supplement world can be a tricky place to navigate. You want to do the right thing for your health, but who can you trust? We covered the issue in… Read More

Vitamins what are they
August 14, 2017

Is Curcumin and Black Pepper Really the Best Combination for Absorption?

Curcumin is all the rage in the supplement world, but Houston, we have a problem. Curcumin is poorly absorbed and quickly metabolized, so supplement manufacturers are always looking for ways… Read More

Berberine Supplement
July 27, 2017

Micro-dosing berberine: good idea? bad idea?

Relevant podcast: Dissenting opinions on popular supplements, peptides, collagen, metformin, omega-3 and more with our industry insider. Does taking small doses of berberine, even below the 500 mg dose offered… Read More

Plant based diet
July 19, 2017

10 Things I Learned Going Vegan for a Week

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. In fact, I can see your eyes rolling from here. Here we go again with another “going vegan changed my life” post. Just what… Read More

July 13, 2017

Do pollen allergies cause anxiety?

Feeling anxious? You’re not alone. The NY Times ran a story about a year ago titled “Prozac nation is now the United States of Xanax.” Why is everyone anxious? If… Read More

June 15, 2017

My Experience With Nootropic Mushrooms

I have a confession to make. I’ve been experimenting with mushrooms. That sounds bad, I know, but it’s not what you think. These mushrooms are perfectly legal and have been… Read More

May 22, 2017

Don’t fear the fridge! Histamine intolerance is bigger than food

Histamine intolerance. A real condition with a very unfortunate name. No one is actually “histamine intolerant,” we all need histamine, it’s an essential neurotransmitter. However, as with anything, too much… Read More

May 17, 2017

My experience with L-theanine: dose, benefits, side effects

If you’re researching L-theanine, also known as theanine, you may already know that it’s an amino acid found in green and black tea, that boosts mood, and promotes a sense… Read More

steak and high protein diets
April 16, 2017

Why Some People Thrive on High Protein Diets (And Why Some Get Sick)

How much protein is too much? It depends on who you ask, on how much you train, and also on your age. I’ve heard Dr. Peter Attia say to only… Read More

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