Paleo and saturated fat
February 8, 2019

Is the Paleo Community Right About Saturated Fat? A Look at the Evidence

ContentsPaleo Diet Impact on Type 2 Diabetes StudyStudy detailsThe resultsWhat do the authors say?Criticisms?No healthy controlSmall sample sizeShort durationEffect of calorie restriction/Paleolithic specific?Our takeThe Paleo Heart StudyStudy detailsThe resultsWhat do… Read More

NAC benefits
January 24, 2019

My experience supplementing with NAC: benefits, side effects, potential risks

ContentsEvidence Based Benefits of NACNAC can improve moodNAC improves mental healthNAC fights infectionNAC and the LungsNAC Side EffectsNAC and Sulfur SensitivityMy Experience With MCT Since the likelihood is that you’re… Read More

ghee vs. butter
January 18, 2019

What we can learn from an 18 country study on dietary fat

ContentsThe 2017 Lancet PURE “pro fat” studyStudy detailsThe results – is a high carb diet dangerous?What do the authors say?Potential CriticismsEffect of total intakePoverty diets and caloric deficitRelevance to Western… Read More

Fiber and health
January 16, 2019

What are good carbs? A new study provides answers

ContentsThe new “pro-carb” studyStudy detailsThe results – what are good carbs?What do the authors say?Criticisms?Total carbohydrate intakeNon-grain sources of carbohydrateSelf-reporting biasOur thoughtsThe best carbsDoes this study end the grain free… Read More

platelet and white blood cell count on a plant based diet
January 14, 2019

Can a Plant Based Diet Suppress the Immune System?

ContentsCan diet alone quiet the immune system?Platelets, white blood cells and the immune systemPlatelets – anti-clotting activityWhite blood cells – guardians of the immune systemRed blood cells – oxygen transportDiet… Read More

January 7, 2019

Does Losing Weight on a Keto Diet Increase Levels of “Bad” Cholesterol?

ContentsTesting cholesterol levels on a ketogenic dietAt home LDL testingMy blood work on a ketogenic dietDietary impact on LDL cholesterolWhat I eat on ketoGenetic impact on LDL cholesterolConclusion Losing weight… Read More

Are supplements healthy?
December 17, 2018

Are your supplements making you sick?

ContentsI thought processed foods were unhealthy?Supplement additivesLiposomal supplements and heart healthSupplements and chronic illnessExamples of supplements causing unwanted side effectsThe bottom line Sacrilege, right? Supplements are healthy! They provide us… Read More

why I don't eat canola oil
November 26, 2018

Why I don’t eat vegetable oil

ContentsWhy vegetable oil is bad for youVegetable oil is easily damaged and contains free radicalsVegetable oils contain glyphosateOmega 3 to Omega 6 ratiosVegetable oil contains trans fatCan eating vegetable oil… Read More

Are there toxins lurking in your tampons?
November 15, 2018

Are there toxins lurking in your tampons? How to buy non-toxic menstrual products

ContentsToxic tampons and pads – what to watch out forAre European tampons safer?Questions to ask for finding safe tamponsSynthetic materials in tampons and padsDioxins in TamponsToxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)What’s the… Read More

ghee vs. butter
November 13, 2018

Can a Ketogenic Diet Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? What about ApoE4?

ContentsWhat is APOE4?Alzheimer’s and glucose metabolism in the brainKetogenic diets and Alzheimer’s studiesRodent studiesHuman studiesCan a ketogenic diet prevent development of Alzheimer’s?The role of LDLKey takeaways We received a question… Read More

Vegan studies
November 12, 2018

The Vegan studies that weren’t

ContentsUnderstanding epidemiological studiesRed Meat and Type 2 DiabetesPlant based diet and mortality riskPescetarians live longer than Vegans?Key takeaways Most of us can agree: eating less meat is better for our… Read More

Heart Health Cholesterol Genetics
November 6, 2018

Why heart attack risk goes well beyond LDL-C

If you’re like most people, you go to the doctor once or twice a year to get blood drawn. A few weeks later, you get a call to go over… Read More

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